What Is an HR Business Partner?

An HR business partner is an experienced HR professional who works closely with the senior management in an organization to develop and meet organizational goals. The job of an HR business partner is to work directly with senior leadership including the C suite, board directors, and other senior managers, and to advise them about how to make the organization better. HR business partners have no direct supervisory responsibilities rather they serve as a coach and mentor for other positions in the department. HR business partners are also known as directors of HR engagement.

What Is the Job of an HR Business Partner?

They have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • They help develop the HR agenda
  • Develop HR strategies 
  • Evaluate staff requirements
  • Improve relationships between employers and employees
  • Structure compensation and benefits
  • Planning employee wellness initiations
  • Check the recruitment efforts 
  • Interacting with heads of departments
  • Coach executives about HR issues

What Skills Should They Have?

An HR business partner should be able to:

  • Leverage artificial intelligence
  • Manage people and projects skilfully
  • Identify leaders within the team
  • Address the changes within the organization
  • Identify large-scale changes well in advance 
  • Develop strategic plans for managing changes
  • Provide HR policy guidance and interpretation
  • Analyze trends and metrics and then develop solutions 
  • They should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

HR Business Partner vs HR Manager

An HR business partner isn’t to be confused with an HR manager. Both have different roles to play within an organization. Some differences are as follows:

An HR manager focuses on making policies for the company and implementing them. An HR manager’s duties are concerned with processes like payroll management, recruiting, hiring and training employees, administration or management of the system, etc. their main job is to supervise all the HR departments. Generally, HR managers handle the recruitment process, manage discipline within the team, and measure the productivity of employees.

An HR business partner, on the other hand, isn’t in charge of the administrative roles of a department. The main duty they have is to work closely with the senior management, advise them on things, develop strategies and plans to make the organization perform better. They also work on interacting with HR departments heads to see how things are going etc. They actively participate in tasks such as strategic planning, planning HR initiatives, and driving talent in the organization. 


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