What Is Job Analysis?

Job analysis is the systematic process of collecting all the relevant information regarding a job. This includes the roles, responsibilities., skills, and processes to create a comprehensive job description. 

Its purpose is to give an overview of the physical, mental, and emotional exertion required to execute a job successfully. 

Job Analysis vs Job Description

Jon analysis is the process of gathering information to prepare a job description. 

A job description on the other hand is a document that includes job functions, roles, responsibilities, duties, power, and managers pertaining to the job. 

Components of a Job Analysis

There are three components:

  • Job position 
  • Job description 
  • Job worth 

Methods to Conduct a Job Analysis

You can use four methods:

  • Interviews 
  • Surveys 
  • Observations 
  • Work logs 


  • Helps in workforce planning 
  • Allows HR to recruit and select the talent according to the requirements of the job
  • Enables employers to develop training and development programs 
  • Helps in carrying out job evaluation 
  • Helps management take corrective actions to ensure worker safety 


  • Time-consuming 
  • Requires the necessary skills or else the analysis won’t be accurate 
  • Involves a great deal of human effort 
  • Doesn’t allow the accurate measurement of mental abilities required of an employee 

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