What Is Orientation for a Job?

Orientation for a job or employee orientation is the process of introducing new employees to the culture and environment of the new organization. Orientation helps employees get the idea of their work, their job position, their team, and their organization overall. Employee orientation serves the purpose of making employees aware of company policies and rules. During the orientation, all the essential paperwork is handed to the new employee so they can officially begin their new job after. An effective orientation answers every query and doubt that an employee may have about the job.

What Is the Purpose of Orientation for a Job?

The main purpose of employee orientation is to welcome new employees to their new organization. It is meant to help employees familiarize themselves with the company policies and the expectations before they formally begin their job. Another purpose of employee orientation is to lower employees’ anxiety and help them feel comfortable. 

Why Is Employee Orientation Important?

Since orientation is just the beginning of your relationship with your new employee, it is critically important. Orientation can be important in several other ways such as:

  • Orientation helps employees get comfortable with their new job by explaining to them company rules and expectations.
  • Orientation helps employers build a relationship with their new employees. 
  • Employee orientation makes the workforce more productive and effective.
  • Lastly, it also helps with retaining employees.

How Long Should Employee Orientation Last?

The duration of employee orientation varies from company to company. However, the whole process should take 3 hours and definitely not more than a regular workday.

Difference Between Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Many times the terms orientation and onboarding are used interchangeably but there are several differences between the two:

  • Employee orientation is a one-time event. On the other hand, employee onboarding sometimes can even last several months.
  • Employee orientation is a general review of how things work at a company and the job in particular. However, onboarding is specific to each employee.
  • The goal of orientation is to integrate new employees into the organization as seamlessly as possible. While the goal of onboarding is to make the employees feel that they want to work in the company.

Employee orientation is a good way to start your journey with a new employee. Try to make it as positive and effective as possible. Once orientation is completed, it is usually followed by employee training. Once your new employee passes these phases, they’ll be ready to work with you at their best.


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