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Working from home - absence management

Refer a friend to AttendanceBot and receive a
$50 Vanilla Visa plus Harmonize swag 😉

Referral Rules FAQ

How do I refer?

  • Talk us up to someone you know, then have them book 20 minutes with us using our referral calendly.

  • Referrals will be dual-validated with confirmation from both you (referrer) and your friend (referee).
    Confirmation may be accomplished live or through email.

Who counts as a referral?

  • Eligible referees are any person employed by a business that -

    • has a verifiable business email domain

    • employs at least 10 people

    • Uses Slack, Microsoft Teams, or G Suite

    • Is not already an AttendanceBot client

  • You can refer up to 3 friends, each from a unique company/business.

How do I receive my gift card?

  • Your $50 fee-free Vanilla gift card will arrive via email within 24 hours of completed referral call.

Other Terms

  • This referral offer is good until 3/31/2022.

  • This offer is open to any employee of a current AttendanceBot client.

  • Duplicate referrals per client are not allowed. Submissions from your company must be unique
    and will be evaluated on a first-referred first-counted basis.

For questions, please reach out to

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Working from home - absence management Working from home - absence management
Working from home - absence management