Looking for ways to make your employees feel engaged? The answer is pretty simple—leverage Slack apps to improve employee engagement. Employee engagement Slack apps boost talent retention and job satisfaction. 

The objective is to leverage the power of technology to boost productivity and efficiency in a quantifiable way. There are different apps to create a culture of engagement, from gathering feedback to everyday appreciation and recognition.

1. AttendanceBot

Tracking your employees’ attendance and planning work accordingly can be one of the most challenging tasks, especially since it has to be done daily. Thanks to AttendanceBot, you no longer have to worry about managing attendance and workloads. 

AttendanceBot integrates with Slack to help managers keep track of time-offs, schedule leaves, track time, plan shifts, and stay on top of employee availability and ad-hoc work management. 

Moreover, AttendanceBot also sends company-wide reminders about birthdays and work anniversaries of team members.

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2. EngageWith

52% of Employees believe in instant recognition, and it increases employees’ productivity by 5x. EngageWith is an employee recognition and rewards platform that enriches your company culture. It virtually brings appreciation and fun to your Slack workspace. 

The Kudos and Shoutouts you receive get converted into points that can be redeemed on platforms you prefer. Admins can quickly analyze recognition-based activities across multiple teams in the dashboard.

See someone doing an awesome job? Kick start the karma of recognition by giving a Kudos or Shoutout. Remember, ‘Karma is a boomerang.’

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3. TINYpulse

Investing in an employee engagement app can help you transform your company culture. TINYpulse is one app that can help you engage your employees in a plethora of ways. 

Being a leading platform globally, TINYpulse offers you an extensive range of surveys, peer recognition, automated suggestions, among other elements that help you take your employee productivity and retention to the next level. 

One of the app’s best features is that it offers you a lot of customization, which you can leverage as per the requirements of your team and organization. So whether it is assisting your employees in staying on top of their work or helping them celebrate the small wins, you’ve got to check out this app.

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4. Culture Amp

Providing an experience to your employees is crucial to their retention. While the work turns monotonous over time, it’s your responsibility to help them stay productive and engaged with the organization. 

Culture Amp is an employee engagement application with plenty of features that gives you the proper means to build a distinguished culture within your team. 

The app lets you understand your employees better, manage their performances with complete efficiency, and let you work towards seamless employee development. 

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5. SurveyMonkey

One of the most popular apps on the list, SurveyMonkey, helps you keep your employees engaged in various ways. For example, you can create surveys to understand your team better and offer a customized plan for their engagement. 

Similarly, using SurveyMonkey, you can also track responses in real-time and build quizzes that can help you collaborate with employees more efficiently. 

Overall, the app is designed for precision decision-making along with letting you post messages with built-in survey links. No more searching through endless chats for work.

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6. Officevibe

If you’re looking for an app that helps you manage your teams efficiently and tackle challenges with ease, try Officevibe. The app lets your employees be at their productive best by building the right relationships that help in collaborating and thriving together. 

It comes with a hassle-free integration with Slack and helps managers empower their teams without adding any additional workload of engaging with the app. Create meaningful and concise surveys as you send your employees timely notifications through the app.

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7. BirthdayBot

Help your employees celebrate work and their association with your organization through BirthdayBot. Keep a seamless track of their birthdays and anniversaries without having to fill an extensive form or survey. 

Birthday Boy collects all crucial information from your employees and sends private hints to team members about any upcoming special days. Leverage the app to ensure that your team members receive the greetings and love they deserve on their memorable days.

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8. OfficeAmp

Run your workplace operations efficiently by seamlessly answering employee requests and more—leverage OfficeAmp for a one-stop solution for your organization. 

Let your team raise requests through tickets that are assigned priority by the Artificial intelligence-powered app. Moreover, you can also resolve issues and generate reports in real-time. 

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9. Monday.com

A perfect work OS that helps power teams and stays on top of projects, Monday.com can bring transparency to your work. Instantly create new work items or projects, tag members, and assign priority. 

Create different categories for different projects. Similarly, you can also create different dashboards for different teams. Leave no work behind with Monday.com.

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10. Health Hero

Productive employees are the ones who are physically and mentally fit. Ensure fitness in your teams with the Health Hero app available on Slack. Let people connect their favorite health applications and devices as you create encouraging challenges and leaderboards to track their progress. All, without leaving your beloved platform Slack! 

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Considering your employees and your organization’s need will help you decide on the best employee engagement apps for your business.

This is a guest post by Springworks, a Santa Monica-based HR technology startup. They build intuitive products that simplify recruiting to help organizations engage and retain their employees.