Have you ever been stuck at work on a Friday, waiting to go home and thinking to yourself “man, I wish I had something funny to read”?  Something that cheers you up and freshens you up for the weekend that’s approaching? Well, your wish has finally been granted! This blog has some really funny Friday memes to make your day.

So let us bring some laughs to your Friday and get back to work in a great mood. Our compilation of funny Friday memes is the cure for what ails you! This blog is entirely dedicated to providing you with extremely hilarious memes that will have you laughing out loud. We hope that we can make your day a little bit brighter, and bring a smile to your face.

Leaving Work on Friday

Whether it’s needing a break from the tiring and hectic week or just the excitement of getting to rest once we’re home, let us all agree we all are super impatient to go home on Fridays. This meme demonstrates those feelings in such an apt way.


Smiling Einstein as Friday’s Face

Yep. The smile on Einstein’s face is what Friday would’ve looked like if it was a person. Fridays are all about smiles, wholesomeness, and relief from the busy week you’ve spent. And this picture represents all of those emotions.

Oprah’s Excitement for Friday

Can you relate to getting a work email on a Friday evening and you just smile internally with relief because you can easily deal with that on Monday? Well yes. Getting a work-related email on Friday smells like Monday’s problem. Up next in Friday memes is this Oprah meme to make you smile!


Is it Friday Yet?

So you’ve probably been in this situation before where every working minute on a Friday sounds like hell and you just cant wait to go home and let the weekend commence. this meme describes it perfectly.

If Friday had a Face

I think we all can collectively agree we love Leo a lot. After all, he’s given us massive television hits that we all can’t help but love. This scene from the Wolf of Wall Street is my personal favorite. If Friday had a face I’m sure it would’ve looked something like this.

We Made It!

After the hectic work grind throughout the week, you are eagerly waiting for the off days. On such days when you realize it’s Friday and the party is getting started, you smile with contentment and relief. This cute baby is what you look like on a day like this.


Realizing It’s Only Wednesday

When you’re too excited for the weekend, especially if you have great plans, time passes real slowly. At this point when you think you’re nearing Friday, sometimes you’re wrong. That feeling of pain is something we all can relate to right?

It’s Friday

We all have been in this situation when we mistake a day and upon realizing a wave of enthusiasm and happiness passes through our body. For me, the best moment is when I’ve been waiting for Friday and it’s finally here!

Leaving Work on Friday

Leaving work on Fridays hit a whole new different level. You know you’ve worked for the week and now you have two solid holidays waiting for you. It is that moment when you know the party starts now!

Let’s Run Home Fast!

Nothing can beat the speed of an employee when they have to go home at the end of the week. This meme is the visual representation of that.

Friday, Time to Party

This one is for all the introverts out there. You all know what a party means to you and Friday is what you have been waiting for. Be it chilling in the bed the whole day or binge-watching another season on Netflix, everyone has a different definition of fun.

Did Somebody Say Friday?

This classic Jim Carrey meme is next on our list of Friday memes and suits best for a Friday workday. Realizing it’s finally Friday and the weekend has approached, you take a long breath and prepare for the fun.

Running Into The Weekend

As soon as the evening starts on a Friday you know it’s party time. What do you do? You close your laptop, pack your bags and then run into a weekend full of relaxation and peace.

It’s Done

So Friday has approached, The work is done and dusted. And you can’t wait to go home. This meme is a hilarious representation of our faces at a moment like this.

Unless your workplace keeps you at a Spartan level of seriousness, then maybe it’s time to look into how you can lighten up a workday. The right meme is never offensive, and it can go a long way towards making the business side of life more bearable. So take a break from that spreadsheet and see what Friday memes for work can do to change things up around your office.

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