The beginnings of the 19th century brought significant changes to the business world, especially to the manufacturing sector. Just like every other organization, it’s important to adopt a high-tech approach to team management for the success of a manufacturing firm. As the organization grows and becomes increasingly complex it is likely to face more challenges. Manually entering data, tracking time for projects and tasks, always leaves the chance of making errors This is where a job time tracking software helps.  

A good manufacturing job tracking software makes resource management and keeping track of progress easier. 

In addition, job shop time tracking software allows you to track progress with sales and production orders in real-time It gives you a virtual window into how your shop floor operates.

By spotting delays before they happen, manufacturers can keep up with deadlines no matter how high the demand is.

Using job tracking software you can split your manufacturing tasks into projects and track time without spending a lot on expensive ERP solutions.

Listed below are 5 job tracking and scheduling software to make job tracking super easy for you. 


With AttendanceBot you get top-of-the-line time tracking software that is built to streamline your workload and make task/job tracking easy for you. It’s incredibly easy to set up automated workflows.

AttendanceBot is a great time tracking tool and is especially perfect for remote teams. Using this software, your employees can clock in and clock out easily without you worrying about tracking the time spent on a task each day. 

Employees can get reminded to punch in and out as their day begins or ends. They can even set up automatic punch-outs after they have worked their day’s hours. 

With a job shop time tracking software like AttendanceBot, you can create tasks and assign them to your team members in a matter of seconds. Then, you can monitor the progress of each task. 

Using a job tracking software like AttendanceBot the manufacturing sectors can easily designate production tasks as projects and tasks and track the time needed to complete those.

Using AttendanceBot you can complete projects using the production scheduling software. For that, you can also Get automatic alerts for all the shifts that you’ve either missed or those that are delayed. 

With AttendanceBot you can analyze the costs of projects and allocate resources. managing projects, designing workflows is super easy with this software.

In addition, you can also get updates and insights into your team, projects, or budgets. 

Not just this, you can generate timesheets, track billable hours of your clients and download excel reports, and get them delivered straight to your inbox.


  • AttendanceBot offers a 14-day free trial
  • Standard: $5/user/month or $4/user/month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $7.5/user/month or $6/user/month (billed annually) 
  • Enterprise: $15/user/month or $12/user/month (billed annually)


ActiTime is another timesheet job costing software. It offers simple features for time off and overtime management. Its automatic hour tracking will help you maintain exceptional payroll accuracy and develop an error-free picture of team productivity.

Moreover, actiTIME is of great help in analyzing project costs and resource allocation. You can use actiTime to manage projects, design workflows, and track even the tiniest metrics to stick to your time and financial budgets. 


ActiTIME’s pricing plan depends on the size of your team. Its free plan is limited to only three users. Other plans include:

  • ActiTIME 1-40 users $6 user per month
  • ActiTIME Online for 41-200 users $5 per user per month
  • actiTIME for above 200 users is based on custom pricing
  • actiTIME Self-Hosted plan is for $120 per user 


Hubstaff is a simple job shop time tracking software with great features. It is a great pick if you need software for scheduling, staff management, time, and project tracking. With Hubstaff’s iOS and Android apps, employees can clock in and out directly from their own smartphones. Hubstaff’s production scheduling software gets automatic alerts for missed, late, or abandoned shifts. Hubstaff’s GPS mobile app allows you to keep track of employee locations while tracking time. You can even start and stop the timer based on location.


  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Starts at $7 per user per month


Clockify is a simple online job tracking software for tracking hours spent on tasks. Track what you and your team are working on, check project progress, and calculate billable hours. Start timer for a job you’re working on with one click. You can track time from your browser, or via extension, desktop, and mobile app

On this job shop time tracking software the dashboard shows you which tasks you spend the most time on. It can also show you what your team is working on and where they spend time. Create projects and tasks, and assign people to them. Estimate how long each task should take and check progress.


Clockify is free for teams of all sizes. You and your team can use Clockify without paying even with hundreds of users, However, for more core features you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.


Up next on our list of job shop time tracking software is Timenotes. Timenotes makes it easy to track the time spent on projects, tasks, and client work. Using this job tracking software, you can track the job hours on any device, visualize the progress, budget utilization, and billable hours. With a simple timesheet, you can see who works on which job and how the time is distributed across projects. 

Additionally, you can see your tracked team activity with the reports. You can filter those by tasks, projects, team members, clients and see how big is the cost and profit for every task.


  • The solo plan starts at $19 per year.
  • For small teams, the plan starts at $6.99 per month

Time and job tracking software for manufacturing firms and labor tracking systems help to save time, money and eliminate the burden on managers and employees as well. Make sure you invest in the one that meets your firm’s needs.