Every organization needs to manage its employees’ leaves and time offs. Whether you want to know who is on leave today or record an upcoming vacation, you can do so easily with AttendanceBot.

Update leave balances on AttendanceBot faster

We are building the easiest and fastest way for organizations to manage their employees’ leaves and time offs. This means that you can record and manage your employees’ past as well as upcoming leaves using AttendanceBot. 

However, inconsistency in employees’ leaves can impact your payroll. Hence, we have made it easier for you to update your employees’ past leaves.  Whether you want to adjust leave balances for your team members in bulk or you’d like to migrate your data from another system (no hard feelings), you can do so in an instant. 

Simply collate the leave balances for your team on an Excel and upload it. AttendanceBot will then, reflect these changes for your team.

Choose which leaves to hide

In this new humanized update, we have improved the way your team is notified about each other’s availability. For each of the leave types available to your team, you can control your team’s privacy by choosing which leaves you’d like to show and hide. Say, you are requesting a “sick day” to take your dog to the vet but you don’t want your colleagues to worry about it. You can, therefore, hide “sick leave” so that the type of leave doesn’t appear on public interfaces.

Read more about how to do this here.

Boost your business by restricting time off requests on certain days

As much as we love the holiday and sale season, we understand how it impacts your business. Well, no more! Introducing blackout dates. 

Set a date or a range of dates during which employees won’t be able to request time offs. You can now, work in your full potential on the high volume days and minimize your business loss!

Try it now and let us know what you think.

We’d love to get your feedback or comments about AttendanceBot. Write to us at sarah@harmonizehq.com.