Decorative canisters and pot holders for office plants look beautiful at any workstation, whether it is in your office or home. Both fake plants and real plants can make an office feel more tranquil and calm a racing mind. But if you are as “black-thumbed” as me, you could be scared that your lovely small desk plants may die a swift and sad death. 

What to do then? Resort to fake plants that are no maintenance and look a bit cheap?

That may be the path of least resistance but we have a few more ideas. What about a low-maintenance potted plant that thrives in almost no light and can bounce back even after a couple of missed waterings?

These types of office plants are a fantastic way to add color and comfort even to the most mundane of workstations. Dealing with an easy-to-care-for plant ensures you won’t have to worry about it surviving your busy schedule, which is crucial. We believe you’ll appreciate their durability and ease of upkeep.

Take a look at the best office plants to bring flora into your workspace without headaches.

ZZ Plant – Unkillable Office Plant Decor

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The ZZ plant is attractive and difficult to destroy, making it ideal for individuals with no prior experience cultivating plants. ZZs thrive in medium to strong light settings, although they may also survive in low light conditions. They also don’t require as much water as a cactus, so you won’t have to water them as frequently. 

The sleek and glossy leaves of the ZZ vary in color from brilliant lime in childhood to emerald green in maturity. Single leaflets range in length from one to three inches. They emerge from broad, inflated stalks that emerge from enormous, water-storing rhizomes buried deep in the soil.

It’s also a resilient species. If its leaves start to fall off, give it a quick watering, and it’ll recover quickly. This low-light indoor plant can withstand weeks of neglect and flourish while still looking great. It makes one of the perfect office plant decors.

Aloe Vera – Excellent in Both Science and Interiors 

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Plants of the aloe genus, particularly the Aloe Vera, are unquestionably the finest choice for your desk plants. Have you already forgotten to water the Aloe Vera within a week of purchase? It’s no issue. This potted desk cactus is an especially low-maintenance, low-light indoor plant that thrives in reduced light and bounces back after a couple of missed waterings.

These are low maintenance, office plant low light that has been shown to absorb benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere. In addition, the gel in the leaves has proven therapeutic properties. The Aloe Vera is a tiny plant that produces far more than it consumes.

Jade Plant – The Harbinger of Wealth and Success 

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The Jade Plant is a desk succulent plant that thrives in even the worst indoor circumstances. According to Feng Shui, it is said to attract money and success. Because these plants only need mild light for a few hours per day, they may be placed almost anywhere in your office like any of the common office plants.

Whenever looking for Jade Plants, look for Crassula Ovata, a “straight species” with meaty, oval leaflets that are simple to recognise. When you can locate them, there are several varieties of them that are quite enjoyable to cultivate. 

Because you must let the soil dry up before watering it, we recommend checking the humidity every day as you come in. These dark green leaves don’t require that much light as some other succulents, making them a great houseplant for the computer desk.

Hanging Snake Plants – Elegant and Hardy

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The Snake plant, also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, is amongst the hardiest office plants, thriving in dry, low-light environments. Dealing with an easy-to-care-for plant ensures you won’t have to worry about it surviving your busy schedule, which is crucial. Instead, we believe you’ll appreciate their durability and ease of upkeep. 

Because these vertical plants can withstand dim light and arid climates, they’re ideal for office environments. Sometimes you can’t even find 10 minutes to have your lunch, much less water your plants. 

Its spiky leaves add a lovely touch to the otherwise monotonous office decor. Snake Plants can grow both indoors and outside and require little to no upkeep. Hanging snake plants strategically across the office may also assist in filtering indoor air, which is a great added perk.

The Chinese Evergreen – The Most Popular Choice for Office Plants

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Aglaonema, also known as Chinese Evergreen, is considered good luck within Asia. The ultimate air purifier, the Aglaonema plant, removes formaldehyde and benzene from indoor air, and much more. Indeed one of the great office plant ideas that are not only beautiful but also functional.

If there was ever a trophy for the most adaptable potted plant, the Chinese Evergreen might come out on top. That is why it is among the best small office plants to have. Although this plant is adaptable to a wide range of environments, it thrives in indirect sunshine, hot temperatures, and moisture.

Dracaenas – A Focus Piece for Office Decor

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Dracaenas are among some of the hardiest plants on the planet, making them an excellent choice for offices. The multicoloured foliage complements a wide range of designs and colour combinations. Plants that are older and bigger provide wonderful focus pieces for interior décor as office plants.

They’re low-maintenance and create an interesting focal point for the office.  They can withstand water shortages and have a hardy root structure that prevents them from wilting, making them ideal for forgotten indoor plants. But they do need a fair bit of sunlight so do pop them in front of a window. 

It aids in the removal of formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, and carbon dioxide. These substances are associated with various health issues, including headaches, respiratory issues, anemia, bone marrow illness, and renal disease.

Kalanchoe – Bright, Vibrant Colors to Brighten Your Day

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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is often a long-flowering perennial succulent that prefers mild conditions, ranging from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and is extremely cold tolerant. The Kalanchoe are small indoor plants that come in various hues and textures, making it a perfect indoor plant for those with and without a small garden. It’s also a fantastic plant to combine with the other Kalanchoe types and other environmentally friendly or blooming office plants.

The workplace decor might be influenced by the blossoming Kalanchoe being one of the small indoor plants. When the weather heats up, its pleasant, bright flowers appear. Kalanchoes, like jade plants, demand the same level of attention. For oxygenation, they do best in clay pots with ventilation holes at the bottom. 

Extra draining is provided by placing the container on a dish packed with pebbles or gravel. To extend the beauty of blooming plants, place them in a cool, well-lit area. Avoid gusts of hot and cold air, which can cause blooms to fall off and leaves to fade.

Peace Lilies – An Ornamental Desk Accessory 

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Peace lilies feature lovely white blooms and wide, dark green foliage, giving them their popular name. They’re popular since they are one of the office plants with no light and accommodating over-watering sometimes. 

The Peace Lily is considered to be amongst the best indoor plants for air purification. It is a simple plant to maintain and a lovely ornamental plant for your workplace to purify the air and requires little direct light. 

Peace lilies can also flourish as plants for offices with no windows at all. This plant is extremely durable and hence, the top choice among table plants. It can come back to life after a lengthy period of neglect and be as robust as before.

Rex Begonia – A Tropical Beauty 

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Rex Begonias are slightly more finicky plants that are still easy to care for. They are indigenous to tropical climates. Metallic grey-silver hues are also possible in the Rex Begonia. 

To maintain their brighter color, these Tim Burton-esque office plants demand greater light, but they must be kept out of direct sunlight. Avoid too much direct sunlight at the times of the year when the Sun is the brightest. This characteristic of the plant makes it perfect for use as a desk or office plant.

Water the Begonia when the soil seems dry, but don’t wait that long, or it may wither. Misting is essential since they like hotter temperatures. Regular watering is necessary for Rex begonias, but be cautious not to overwater it. 

Although a little more high-maintenance than the others on this list, the colors make it worth it.

Bamboo Arrangement – A Traditional Feng Shui Plant

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Bamboo, like the remainder of the Dracaenas, is a comfortable indoor plant. Many people adore this plant since it thrives in water and comes in various shapes and sizes. Consider a bamboo arrangement for a one-of-a-kind splash of green when you are looking for desk plants.

In many cultures, the plant is also associated with good fortune. As a consequence, it’s ideal for a professional situation. For a finished look, this arrangement includes a wine decanter and black valley pebbles. Pebble-based planters will thrive if they are properly potted and have adequate drainage.

Bamboo plants can come in all sizes. The small ones are great as desk plants. But the larger bamboo trees are ideal if you have a larger community area. Keep them away from air conditioning units and heating outlets and near indirect sunlight.

Boston Fern – Keeps Negativity and Harmful Pollutants Away 

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This beautiful and old-fashioned plant, a near cousin of the sword fern, is prized for its kelly-green leaves. Boston Ferns thrive in indoor environments, making them great indoor office plants.

Incorporating some flora into the workplace in office plants may have a significant beneficial impact on individuals and their organizations. The same is true for those who are looking for home office plants. They are beneficial in eliminating hazardous air pollutants from the surroundings in addition to improving aesthetics.

Their feathery leaves provide color and refinement to your workplace when handled appropriately for. In addition, the Boston Ferns enhance indoor environmental quality and increase humidity levels by naturally retaining moisture to the skin, which has a calming effect. People with dry skin, dry nostrils, and sore throats might benefit from these qualities of the Boston Fern.

English Ivy – Aristocratic Sounding Office Plant

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Not only is English Ivy easy to cultivate, but it also helps to eradicate mold. So while all these adorable small office plants take a bit more care, such as lots of light and hydration, they’re perfect for bringing a dash of color to drab office surroundings. 

This Ivy is an excellent bright-light office plant. It grows tall and luxuriant, bringing a touch of nature wherever it is. It’s simple to grow ivy inside if you understand what makes an ivy plant cheerful. One should hydrate these best desk plants often when they first begin to develop. Then, like other office plants, they can endure dry circumstances after they’ve entrenched themselves.

In addition, they thrive in colder temperatures too. It’s a good thing because workplaces are notoriously cold. Unlike table plants, English Ivy can be kept in hanging baskets and on ledges. 

Bromeliads – Hard to Grow but Easy to Maintain

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Bromeliads, which are ideal for the reception area and anywhere else where you want to draw the eye. They may require a little more attention initially to blossom, as they are notorious for taking their own sweet time. However, apart from the odd watering, they demand hardly any attention after they have bloomed.

One of the primary advantages of these indoor desk plants is that they do not even demand much fertilizer, so all you need is water and somebody to check on them now and again. This won’t be difficult, thanks to their vibrant colors and lovely flowers.

Hoyas – Low Maintenance but Highly Aesthetic

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There is a wide variety of leaf shapes, colors, and variegation among Hoyas. They are even more low maintenance than succulents. They need to be re-watered only once they are nearly dry. Every 1-2 weeks is good but in the winter, every three weeks also works. 

Some tail more than the other, so make sure there’s enough area on your desk for it to stretch out. They’re low-maintenance, lengthy, and aesthetically pleasing. As office plants, they help to relieve stress and increase your productivity.

It’s not a fluke that you feel more relaxed in environments with plants. Then there’s the bonus of making your space seem fantastic.

Ponytail Palms – Let There be Bright Colors Everywhere

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Ponytail Palms are a desktop succulent that grows slowly inside and doesn’t take up much room. All year round, a Ponytail Palm thrives in bright light. Make sure it isn’t near or in any hot areas of the office. These make excellent decorative office plants. They can also be used as desk plants to liven up the room. 

Medium-light levels will be tolerated, although development will be slower. This is because they struggle in low-light situations. Nevertheless, they are popularly loved as office plants because of their aesthetics and size.

Office Plants and Their Link to Productivity

There haven’t been many studies about the effect of plants in office environments. One of the first that studied the long-term effects of office plants was one by researchers in Australia and the UK. It found that greenery increases workplace satisfaction, concentration levels, and air quality.

The clear conclusion was that employees are significantly more productive around office plants.

With offices across the world reopening, perhaps this fact can help ease the transition.