In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, assumptions and approaches to productivity are undergoing a significant transformation. Reaffirmed by recent research by Slack Workforce Lab, productivity means different things at different levels of an organization, which further complicates efforts to improve. For executives, it often implies maximizing worker output for profit. However for desk workers, it conjures images of long hours and work-filled weekends, with misplaced emphasis on effort over results. This blog post explores these findings and provides actionable suggestions to leverage Slack integrations like AttendanceBot to address productivity ruts.

Key Findings from Slack Workforce Lab

Redefining Productivity

  • 27% of executives use visibility and activity metrics rather than actual output to gauge productivity
  • Desk workers feel pressured to stay active and respond quickly, even outside working hours

Advances in Technology

  • Workflow automations save workers an average of 3.6 hours per week
  • Employees using AI report significantly higher productivity levels

Importance of Flexibility

  • 71% of desk workers find working the same hours as their colleagues enhances productivity
  • Structured flexibility in office policies is crucial for effective hybrid work environments.

Employee Happiness

  • Fulfilled & engaged employees are more productive
  • Clear boundaries and predictable downtime improve productivity

Solutions: Leveraging Slack Integrations like AttendanceBot

Intentional Office Time

In the quest for enhanced collaboration and team cohesion, fostering intentional office time becomes a cornerstone. Tools like AttendanceBot can encourage and streamline office attendance. AttendanceBot allows employees the flexibility to create personalized work-from-home (WFH) and work-from-office (WFO) schedules that cater to their unique preferences.

Empower team members to actively choose days for in-office work, aligning with their colleagues’ presence. AttendanceBot can send timely reminders, facilitating the seamless planning of weekly WFH/WFO schedules, thereby enhancing team collaboration and productivity.

Enhancing Predictability

Predictability is a key driver of productivity. Scheduling tools, such as AttendanceBot, help in intentionally planning away time, allowing team members to navigate their workdays with greater certainty. Transparent calendars, coupled with AttendanceBot functionalities, provide a visual representation of team members’ availability, enabling effective planning and coordination.

Enhance communication and information dissemination by utilizing channel announcements on Slack. Share crucial schedule-related information, ensuring that teams stay informed and can plan their workdays effectively. By implementing these solutions, organizations can create a more collaborative, predictable, and productive work environment.


Redefining productivity requires a holistic approach that considers both the well-being of employees and the efficient use of technology. Slack Workforce Lab’s research highlights the importance of flexible schedules, intentional office time, and the strategic use of automation and AI. By leveraging tools like AttendanceBot, organizations can address these challenges head-on, fostering a work environment where productivity and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. By embracing these actionable solutions, businesses can pave the way for a future of work that is collaborative, predictable, and ultimately more productive.