Do you ever look at the clock and wonder how the heck it’s suddenly 7 p.m.? We’ve all been there—but if you’re trying to manage your time effectively, it can be especially aggravating when large chunks of time seem to just evaporate. 

Fortunately, there are some really handy tools out there that can help you track your time so that you don’t have to worry about wasting precious hours (or minutes) on things like social media. Below, we’ll go over the 5  best time tracking extensions for Chrome that I’ve found to be super helpful in staying productive and making sure I get everything done during the day (and night). You might try one or two of these extensions to see what works best for you. Before we get to that part, let’s see how extensions work.

How do Time Tracking Extensions Work?

Time tracking Chrome extensions are a great way to make sure you’re spending your time wisely. Whether you’re working on an important project or just trying to get caught up on your work, these extensions can help ensure that you get everything done in the right order and give yourself the credit for doing so.

Time tracking extensions will record how much time you spend on each task, including breaks so that you can see where your time is going. They also allow you to break up projects into smaller tasks so that they’re more manageable, which makes it easier to get them done quickly and accurately.

If you want to be able to track how much time you spend on each project, but don’t want an extension that will record every little thing (like opening and closing tabs), then this is a great option for you. It’s simple enough for beginners but advanced enough for people who want something more complex than just notes about their day or week.

6 Best Time Tracking Chrome Extensions

The best time tracking extensions on chrome are:


Clockify works in Chrome as a simple time-tracking tool that monitors what you do every day. The real benefit is that it lets you get an accurate picture of how much time you’ve spent on a task, including when you let your mind wander. 

It also includes reminders to help you stay focused and a Pomodoro timer designed to help you defeat distractions and increase productivity. Automatic start/stop and reminders reduce the inaccuracy of time logs, so you know what’s really going on with how much time you’re spending on tasks.


You and your team can use Clockify without paying even with hundreds of users, However, for more core features you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.


Tick is a simple time tracking extension on Chrome that allows you to track time and productivity. It’s one of the best free extensions for Chrome and will help your business or site become more productive. With Tick, you can easily track time for multiple projects, clients, tasks, and more.

It offers start and stop timers from Chrome while you work. Whether you’re responding to emails, in an online meeting, or posting updates through your online project management software, your timecard is just a click away with Tick for Chrome.

  •  Easy time entry from anywhere
  • Timers for accurate time keeping
  • Instant Budget Feedback without running a report

Tick is very user-friendly: it’s easy to install on both macOS and Windows computers. Once installed on your computer, the Tick icon will appear in your toolbar—you can then click that icon whenever you start working on a new task or project. Open up your browser window where you want to start tracking time; then click the Tick icon in your toolbar again once it appears there. The timer starts recording automatically when clicked.


It’s free for 1 project for unlimited people.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking extension for Chrome. It helps you track your work hours, manage projects and collaborate with your team. Time Doctor is used by over 1 million people worldwide, including employees at Fortune 500 companies like Uber and Lyft.

Time Doctor features a built-in timer that tracks the amount of time spent on websites or applications in real-time, so you can easily see what’s draining your productivity throughout the day. The app also integrates with Google Calendar to automatically create invoices based on your time entries if you use their billing feature.


Free trial: 14 days

Starting price: Starts at $7 per user per month


Timeneye’s Chrome extension is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to log your work hours directly from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. It also has built-in reporting features, so you can see where your time has been spent and how much money it’s costing you.

Timeneye for Google Chrome is the most simple extension to track time from your favorite productivity tools. The extension automatically integrates with the Timeneye web app and allows you to start timers, track time manually, and manage your time entries without opening a new tab. You can even add tasks right from your browser’s address bar.

With this extension, you have everything you need to stay on top of your tasks without having to leave the page you’re working on or use multiple tabs.


Starts at $6 per user per month, billed yearly


Toggl extension helps users track projects and tasks with ease by integrating with major productivity tools like Trello, Asana, Jira, GitHub, and more. It also includes advanced features such as offline mode support for those who are working remotely or in areas with poor internet access. 

Toggl Track extension also has advanced features like:

  • Pomodoro timer
  • Idle detection
  • Tracking reminder


Free trial period: 30 days with all the features

Starting price: Starts at $8 per user per month


TimeCamp’s web app is a simple and straightforward way to track time. There are no confusing options or features, just a clean interface where you can enter your project name, add tags, choose whether it’s billable or non-billable (or both), then start tracking your time.

TimeCamp has a Chrome extension that allows you to track time from within Gmail, Google Docs, Trello, and other services. 

You can select which service you want to use by selecting the icon on the right side of your browser. Selecting this will bring up a drop-down menu with all of your options: Gmail, Google Docs and Trello are always available but others may not be depending on what extensions have been installed previously as well as whether they’ve been disabled/removed by their creator.

It also offers an iOS app for iPhone users that keeps track of their activities throughout each day in real-time through either GPS location detection or manual entry into each task title field when starting work on each one.


  • The basic monthly plan costs $7 per user 
  • Pro monthly plan costs $10 per user

The next time you need to choose a time tracking tool for your Chrome browser, try one of these extensions. They’re all great options that provide different features so you can find the right solution for your specific needs and budget.