When witches go on a ride and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, this is Halloween!

Halloween is not just for kids. Maybe adults do not have to ask their moms to make their costumes or go treating or tricking door to door anymore. But, they can still enjoy this quirky and spooky festival with their colleagues. 

Celebrating national holidays showers a lot of benefits to the organization. Such virtual Halloween events can help employees step out of boredom and have a gala time with their team. It will also bring back the social element that went missing in March 2020. Halloween celebrations can go a long way in developing a happy work culture and boosting employee morale. 

Keep reading as we outline 30+ insanely fun and unique virtual Halloween party ideas that will bring the good old office days back. 

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas 2021

  1. Virtual Costume Contest – One of the most entertaining virtual Halloween themes, wherein, the employees get an opportunity to showcase their spooky and creative side. Spice it up by giving a condition that every participant will wear a DIY costume only. Let there be a voting system that will decide the winner of this virtual Halloween contest. Companies can give cash vouchers or gift cards as a token of gift to these participants.  
  2. Virtual Magic ShowHalloween celebrations are incomplete about magical potions or magical tricks. Why not use this creative idea in virtual celebrations as well? A virtual magic show is going to be a scary, ridiculously engaging, and highly interactive activity. Employees have to show their eerie magical tricks on camera. The most impressive one will get the vote. 
  3. War of Wizards – Fans of Harry Potter and Gandalf will love this fascinating War of Wizards. You see, Halloween is all about magic. And nobody does magic better than wizards and witches. It can be a guided zoom Halloween event that offers a perfect fusion of storytelling and role-playing. It is a time-bound event where teams will be given fun magical challenges. 
  4. Arrange a Spooky Halloween Party – The authentic Halloween feel comes with a series of spooky soirees. Design a scary virtual Halloween party invitation written in fake blood. Also, do not forget to add some spine-chilling props and mail them to the employee ahead of the celebration. All the participants must follow the dress protocol before joining the virtual Halloween party
  5. Solve a Murder Mystery – It is one of the most popular virtual Halloween party ideas. In a murder mystery Halloween event, a series of riddles will be displayed on the host’s screen. Teams have to solve these riddles to identify the real culprit. However, make sure the riddles are complex with lots of creepy characters and interrelated to create a sense of mystery and suspense in the teams. Needless to say, the first three teams that solve the mystery will get the awards. 
  6. Halloween Zoom Backgrounds – The employees are definitely going to go crazy decorating their living rooms with artificial cobwebs and scary messages with fake blood. Employees can create a foggy forest, graveyard, haunted house, or Zombie wasteland for this zoom Halloween party. Companies can turn this activity into a competition and award the most creative and amusing entry. 
  7. Horror Movie Screening – The fun of watching a horror movie on a Halloween night is unmatchable. Why not use this idea to host a virtual Halloween party in the office? Several online streaming apps allow multiple logins and chat options. Employees will not only see a movie together but can also share their haunting experiences with their colleagues.  
  8. Tarot Card Reading – Companies, in the spirit of the occasion, can also arrange a virtual tarot card or a psychic session for the employees. The mystical party idea will prove to be a delightful experience for the employees. 
  9. Horror Movie Trivia Game – Test the teams’ horror movie proficiency by organizing a special trivia game event. The best part is, this event will foster excellent team spirit in the employees. Ask all the employees to split into different rooms and work as a team on a list of questions. It will be like the scattered pieces of a puzzle that needs to be put together as the earliest.
  10. Tap Feet on a Spooky Party Chartbusters – Ask all the teams to log in at a fixed time, and play some of the most popular Halloween numbers. You can go for numbers like Rhianna’s Disturbia, Monster Mash, and Running with the Devil by Van Halen. 
  11. Pumpkin Carving Event – It is an affordable virtual Halloween contest to ignite creativity in employees by organizing a pumpkin carving event. Companies need not worry about organizing fancy tools for their employees. Employees can learn pumpkin carving art through online tutorials. The best pumpkin will be the winner of the event. 
  12. Virtual Trick and Treat – Virtual Trick and Treat is another super entertaining Halloween idea that can never become obsolete. All the employees will receive virtual wallpapers, online gift cards, and app credits through mail ahead of the event. Employees with the gifts will ask funny riddles and questions to others. Correct answers will get treats. 
  13. Halloween Karaoke – Host a fun-filled musical virtual Halloween party for your virtual teams. Companies can set up a virtual karaoke bar and ask the employees to perform it one by one. It is a great event to rekindle old memories. 
  14. Halloween Themed Treat Bags – The best virtual Halloween activities are incomplete without colorful candies and treats. Companies can get customized treat bags for their employees and mail them. You can include hand-shaped candies, lip-shaped gummies, and a magic potion cocktail. Make sure every bag includes a variety of chocolates, candies, and beverages that match the theme. 
  15. Get Some Virtual Halloween Entertainment Halloween is about having fun with your tribe and colleagues. Another innovative way to organize a memorable Halloween event is by organizing an entertaining virtual Halloween contest for the employees. Companies can hire a DJ, hold ghost storytelling nights, and go for Halloween party games.
  16. Virtual Thriller Dance Faceoff – How about hosting a ghostly virtual dance battle for the virtual teams? Ask all the teams to log in and perform a two-minute thriller routine. The best lip-syncing, costume, and props will win the competition. Trust us, it will be one of the most memorable laughter-filled virtual Halloween parties ever.  
  17. Virtual Zombie Meet – Companies have to ask all the teams to get ready like zombies and log in for the virtual Halloween party. The host will one by one ask questions to all the employees. They will have to act and speak like a real zombie. Randomly freezing at awkward positions or spilling water from their mouth are some spine-chilling things they can do while answering the questions. 
  18. Hold a Masked Meeting – Online stores are flooded with different face masks. Ask all the employees to buy a Halloween character mask for themselves. They will have to wear these masks for the party and also talk in their character’s voice. Judges will decide and award the best voiceover. 
  19. How about Mixing up Some Potions with a Mixology Class – Take the fun of a virtual Halloween party to another level by organizing a potion (mocktails and cocktails) class. Companies can also roll out spooky party invitations to multiply the drama. 
  20. Virtual Halloween Candy Making Event – Just like homemade chocolates taste better than market ones, the flavors of homemade candies are also unmatchable. A hands-on candy-making experience is a thing that will foster team spirit in the employees. The baker can teach some quirky candy shapes like Jack o’ lanterns or funky Poppins. 
  21. Taking a Ghost Tour to Salem, Massachusetts – Salem is the most popular destination to learn the art of witchcraft. It has a rich witchcraft history that is worth exploring this Halloween. Companies can organize a virtual ghost tour to this destination and leave the employees feeling spooky all night. It is rapidly becoming one of the favorite virtual Halloween activities in 2022. 
  22. Wine and Candy Pairing – We all have done this in our childhood days. An amazing virtual Halloween party idea that guarantees unlimited fun and entertainment for the participants. Awards are given to the best answers.
  23. Explore the Eerie Paris Catacombs – The underground ossuaries in Paris are one of the scariest places on the earth. The place has its history from the 17th century. Visitors still hear weird voices and experience unexplained occurrences there. Organizing a virtual tour of this paranormal place will be a spine-chilling experience for the employees. 
  24. Ghost Stories – Halloween celebrations are incomplete without a session of spine-tingling spooky stories. Companies should use this virtual Halloween contest idea to liven up their party. Employees can share their personal paranormal experiences or can take a horror story from the internet. However, make sure that no two people recite the same story.
  25. Virtual Halloween Icebreaker Party – Starting the virtual Halloween party with some icebreaker questions is an amazing way to warm up the teams. Companies can also use this opportunity to develop the holiday spirit in the employees. Asking about employees’ fondest Halloween memories or favorite horror movies can be the best Halloween icebreakers
  26. True Crime Podcast – Listening to true crime and paranormal events is way scarier than watching them. It is one of the best virtual Halloween activities. The excitement of listening to a chilling real-life story and trying to untangle the mystery will be a mind-blowing experience for the employees. Dirty John, Serial, Criminal, and Red Handed are some of the hair-raising crime podcasts so far. 
  27. Horror Story Writing – Think out of the box and unleash the hidden writers in the employees. Host a virtual Halloween contest and ask the employees to write a spooky story. The story that has spine-chilling suspense and thrill will be the winner of the evening. 
  28. Haunted House Tour – Are you planning to add supernatural content to your Halloween party? If yes, you should try this one for sure. Online streaming apps are loaded with hundreds of real haunted house videos. It would be like a virtual tour of some of the world’s creepiest houses. Chaonei No. 81, The Chateau De Trecesson, Morgan House, and Kellie’s Castle are some of the most haunted houses in the world. 
  29. Halloween Virtual Games Night – Have you ever thought of hosting a virtual Halloween games night? Trust us will give a massive dose of entertainment to your employees. Companies can find thousands of scary zoom meeting games online. They should pick the ones that will ensure maximum participation and fun for the employees. The Virtual Halloween Persona Game, Guess Who, and Murder Mystery Game are some of the top Halloween games online.
  30. Virtual Escape Room – One thing is for sure, this party idea is not for the faint-hearted. There will be a lot of spookiness, thrill, suspense, and of course, fun in this idea. 
  31. International Monster Hunter – Companies that want their Halloween event to be more collaborative than competitive, can go for this idea. It is a 90-minute event in which the team works together to decode clues to find monsters across the globe. 
  32. Halloween Award Night – Hosting a virtual award night on Halloween’s eve is also a great way to welcome winter. Organizers can make quirky one-liner tiles for the employees and present them in front of everyone. It can be followed by an online gift hamper as well. 

And That’s A Wrap!

So, these were some of the most entertaining and ridiculously engaging Halloween spirit week ideas for work. Whatever virtual Halloween party idea you pick, add a lot of buzz before the event, and do not forget to thank those who participated. 

Shower as many prizes as you can to boost the morale of the employees. Most of all, do not forget to have lots of fun and make everyone happy. Who knows, you may start a tradition that employees will look up to year after year. Happy Halloween!