Every business needs to pay its employees. However, payroll costs can pile up on your business. Payroll costs not only include the amount you pay your employees but also hidden costs of benefits, taxes, fees, and the cost you pay someone to process your payroll.

As a result, a lot of companies decide to run payroll themselves to reduce their costs. However, it is an error-prone and time-consuming process.

Hence, it is usually best to invest in a payroll service to avoid payroll mistakes and save time. 

We, at AttendanceBot, are excited to announce a better way to run payroll for your team. Track time, vacations, and process payroll along with AttendanceBot and Gusto integration.

How can you process payroll using AttendanceBot-Gusto integration?

AttendanceBot is a time-tracking and vacation management tool that tracks PTO and vacation time for your employees as well as the hours worked. By integrating AttendanceBot and Gusto, you can run payroll for the hours worked by your employees.

  1. Easy Setup: Connect your AttendanceBot and Gusto account with a single click within Slack, MS Teams, and Google Chat. You can either connect an existing Gusto account or even create a new one via AttendanceBot. Simply match your team members from AttendanceBot to Gusto and you’re good to go.
  2. Send hours from AttendanceBot to Gusto: Send employee hours to run accurate payroll on Gusto in a single click. Track regular hours and overtime hours that you team members work to ensure your team is paid for the hours they work. Review their timesheet and send hours to Gusto with ease.
  3. Save time and money: Log in hours and let AttendanceBot calculate total hours and overtime for your employees. Integrate employee benefits and perks in a single system and get rid of the manual work involved.

Proper payroll management ensures that your employees are paid for the hours they work and on time. You don’t need to outsource processing payroll for your team anymore. Just provide relevant employee information and log the hours worked and let AttendanceBot calculate the net pay automatically.

Get started with the future of payroll here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at sarah@harmonizehq.com.