The HR department in every office is known for conducting important work in the organization, but that does not mean that they cannot incorporate an element of fun in their approach. Adding a bit of fun to the work culture proves to be greatly helpful in increasing productivity. Concurrently, it helps in overcoming issues such as stress and absenteeism to improve employee retention. One of the best ways to do so is to keep the employees engaged with interesting workplace bulletin board ideas. Developing a well-planned layout, using the right color combination, and employing the appropriate humor is crucial in brainstorming the best work bulletin board ideas for HR.

There are numerous bulletin board ideas through which companies can facilitate communication, including using online platforms and official emails, staying up-to-date on social media platforms, and sending messages on WhatsApp. However, it is necessary to employ unique workplace bulletin board ideas to make day-to-day communication stimulating in the workplace.

Notice boards are among the best ways to foster dialogue and provide information about training programs, lunches, or breakfast menus, or safety regulations.

What is a Bulletin Board?

A bulletin board is an important part of the office. It is attached to a central office wall for communicating important information regarding the office. An innovative bulletin board can inspire and inform the employees equally, provided that it is done right. Even in the digital communications era, bulletin boards have strongly maintained their position and are still considered a strong source of information.

An office bulletin would be a great platform for employees to get to know each other better. It also gives them a creative outlet. Whether through small post-it’s with employee trivia or fitness reminders, bulletin boards can foster harmony at the workplace. You will need to ask yourself a few questions before putting together an eye-catching workplace bulletin board idea.

Facts to keep in mind while designing bulletin board ideas for office workplace:

  • Who is going to see it?
  • What sensitive information should not be disclosed?
  • What will fit into the organizational culture?
  • How often should it get updated, and whose job would it be?

The Top 15 Bulletin Board Ideas

Digital Bulletin Boards

One bulletin board might not be enough for every idea that you have for your workplace. A digital bulletin board can come to your rescue here. It offers a dynamic environment to attach videos, audio files, and live links. 

A physical bulletin board has an old-school charm and brings the employees together. On the other hand, a digital bulletin board ensures better employee engagement. An HR manager should think of quite a few bulletin board ideas to fulfill both these motives.

This article helps you narrow down your options and decide the best and unique bulletin board ideas for your office.

Section the Bulletin Board 

Dividing the bulletin board into various sections improves its visibility and reach. Category-wise sectioning helps express different workboard ideas well. For instance, you can put compliance posters on one side and inspirational or motivational information on the other. Divide the notice board horizontally and vertically, as per the space requirement. It is one of the most common bulletin board ideas of HR.

Use an Inspirational Theme for Your Notice Board 

Using motivating themes as core bulletin board ideas helps improve the atmosphere at the workplace. It develops positive thinking, excitement, and organizational commitment in the office.

Some inspiring themes to use as your office bulletin board ideas are:


You can show appreciation for employees and praise them using sticky notes by posting promotions and giving out awards. It also improves workplace morale



As a part of HR, you should always find ways of boosting employees’ morale by thanking them for their efforts for the company’s growth. You can also post a daily reminder or quote about gratitude. It is one of the best employee bulletin board ideas. Employees always love giving kudos to their co-employees when they have achieved a milestone, the best place to give that is using a bulletin board.


You can motivate your employees by posting funny pictures, cartoons, lighthearted articles, powerful quotes, or thought-provoking stories. In addition, you can even ask the employee to participate by sharing quotes or showcasing their creativity on bulletin board ideas.

Go Green with Your Bulletin Board Ideas

It is the responsibility of HR to create a sense of environmental responsibility among the employees by recycling more, buying and using green office products, or creating awareness about sustainability. A unique bulletin board idea is to use that space to go green.

Communicate Internally on the Bulletin Board

Putting internal communications and company policies on the bulletin board is a great business board bulletin idea. Internal communication could comprise memos, holiday lists, evacuation policies of the company during emergencies, or sales goals. Many HR teams prefer to feature the employee of the month or the best performers here.


Use the Bulletin Board for Providing CSR Information

The HR team may authorize some employees to provide information, such as organizing social events, quizzes, contests, managing upcoming workplace parties, discussing volunteer opportunities, or adding green initiatives. It is one of the most used bulletin board ideas.

Create a Content Section on the Bulletin Board

HR may create a “guest” section and allow people to contribute their inputs. This bulletin board idea involves sharing tips on improving productivity at the workplace, their work experience, some of the on-job knowledge such as work ethics, or health and fitness tips.

The content’s focus should always be to support the company values and employees.

Use the Bulletin Board as an HR Notice Hub 

The office bulletin board of the HR department is one of the best platforms for the team to post all the relevant information. Under this bulletin board idea, the team can mention office work policies, lunch timings, office timings, internal job postings, job openings, and many other tidbits. Each month or week, the office bulletin board can be used as an HR notice hub. 

Transform the Bulletin Board into an Instagram Board

The HR team can model the notice board based on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. To liven up the office environment, HR can capture employees in their candid moments. You can name this bulletin board idea and use tape, markers, and polaroid cameras to tie it in. Allow employees to snap a picture and paste it on a board with a caption! This is one of the most fun bulletin board ideas.

Use the Bulletin Board for FAQs

Employees are always looking for the answers to their most burning questions from top management. Using the notice board for FAQs, you can open a dialog through questions and answers with the management and create stronger connections at the workplace. The activity can take place monthly to ensure there is enough time to generate thoughtful responses.

Turn the Bulletin Board into a Food Board 

Food is an icebreaker and fosters conversation among almost everyone. If there is a bulletin board providing information about the cafeteria menu for lunch, breakfast, or evening snacks, it will create a buzz. You can definitely keep it in your list of bulletin board ideas.

It can also be used to provide information on the best food spots around the office through reviews and pictures. Additionally, you can turn it into a snack board. Inform employees about the complimentary refreshments to be served in the office on a weekly or monthly basis!


Use the Bulletin Board as a Staff Room Board

Employees use staff rooms to discuss the current global events, important advancements in their field of work, and other relevant news. Similarly, a staff room board can serve as a classic space for posting the articles and stories employees wish to share. Employees can even paste newspapers and magazine articles on staff bulletin boards. You can try out this bulletin board idea.

Try Employee-centric Bulletin Board Ideas

Here are the ways of ensuring the office notice board is employee-centric.

  • Employee Spotlight: Use the bulletin board to provide information on co-workers’ interests and mention their likes and dislikes. Make it personal by highlighting exciting details, such as their pets, fears, favorite foods, hobbies, and other fun facts.
  • Employee-of-the-month and Icebreakers: Use the board to mention the names of new hires. Creating a section for the best workers of the month, including their professional biographies and upcoming promotions, are also one of the best mentions as part of work bulletin board ideas.
  • Employee Feedback and Suggestions for Improvement: Another bulletin board idea is to make it a space owned by employees. If any of the employees want to share their thoughts, they should be allowed to use the board for the same.

Use the Bulletin Board as a Magnetic Voting Board

If you are planning to roll out new initiatives, it is a good idea to convert the bulletin board into a magnetic voting board. Usually, employees appreciate the chance to provide input when the company is undertaking new initiatives.  

This workplace bulletin board idea helps in empowering employees by asking them to spearhead their own initiatives and give them a shoutout on the bulletin board. It will make your employees feel appreciated for putting in consistent effort. 

Use the Bulletin Board as a Jam-out Board

To improve synchronization and foster collaboration among employees, you can mention the song of the week on the notice board. It will allow employees to explore new music and get to know each others’ musical preferences. The HR department can also take song suggestions from employees, mentioning the employee’s name, song title, lyrics, and their reason for selecting the song. It also acts as one of the most interesting work bulletin board ideas.

Use the Bulletin Board as an Outcome Board

Minutes of the meeting are crucial to remember after lengthy meetings. One of the best office board bulletin ideas is to put up the key action points from the latest meetings on the bulletin board. A helpful bulletin board idea, it can aid the growth and productivity of the employees. A few FAQs related to the meeting can also be answered, ensuring that everyone has a clear picture of the goals and deliverables. Creating an outcome board can promote healthy discussions regarding organizational decisions. Try this bulletin board idea.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bulletin Boards

What information is available on the employee bulletin board?

A good bulletin board idea provides the following information:

  • Upcoming meetings and events
  • Policies regarding job safety
  • Recognition of employees
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Performance appraisals 

What are the main features of a good physical bulletin board?

A physical bulletin board has different characteristics than a digital one. A good physical bulletin board should have the following: 

  • Have a finished edge
  • Be attached to the wall to avoid injuries
  • Be engaging, attractive, and colorful
  • Follow a unified theme, which changes every few days or weeks
  • Never have overcrowded displays

What is an HR bulletin board?

An HR bulletin board is a kind of internal communication service provider. Here, employees get all the relevant HR news, business news, work policies, and updates on upcoming social events in the office.

What are the benefits of having an office bulletin board?

  • Maintaining a notice board in the office is a constructive way to circulate important information among the employees.   
  • It can capture and retain the employees’ interest in workplace events.
  • An office bulletin board serves as an inspiration for the employees.
  • It helps to establish a sense of community and kinship within the office.
  • It is a good way to get honest and timely feedback on workplace policies. 

Why Unique Work Bulletin Board Ideas are Important?

All the bulletin board ideas discussed in this article help the HR team foster closeness, trust, and mutual respect. The bulletin board ideas provided above can be used alternatingly to improve workplace engagement and boost morale. You only need to make sure that the bulletin board ideas you are using can share up-to-date information about all the aspects of the office environment!