Taking a career break can be an important part of your life journey. It’s a chance to take some time out from the rat race, explore new interests, and discover what you want to do with your life. 

Taking time off can help you recharge, gain perspective on your priorities, and build up a portfolio of skills that will make you attractive to future employers. But there are also downsides: If you’re in the middle of climbing up the corporate ladder then taking a break might mean slipping down it as well. 

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Let’s dive deeper into what are some reasons you need a career break right now.

What’s a Career Break?

A career break, personal sabbatical, or career hiatus is an uninterrupted period when you are not working. This can be a great way to re-energize your career and get a fresh perspective on it. A career break is a break that lasts more than at least 2 months. And can extend to even a year or so.

10 Reasons to Take a Career Break

Whether it’s just a few months or taking a year off work, here are 11 reasons you should take a break:

You’ve climbed the ladder of success, but it’s not the ladder you want to be climbing

It’s time for a career breaker if you’re at the top of your career ladder, and it feels great. But you don’t want to stay there forever. Maybe you’re not sure what you want to do next, but whatever it is it will be different from what you’ve been doing so far—and that’s enough of a reason for a career break right there.

Maybe this isn’t about climbing ladders or reaching the top; maybe it’s about finding work/life balance and making sure that your personal life is fulfilling as well as successful. And if so, then taking time off work can help with that too!

You’re feeling burned out, and want to re-energize

If you’re feeling burned out and need to re-energize, a career break might be the answer. You can recharge your batteries by getting away from the daily grind and having new experiences.

It’s important to take care of yourself so that you don’t burn out at work. The best way to do this is by taking some time off, whether it’s just a few months or more than that, before returning to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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You’re feeling unfulfilled and want to explore different options

If you are feeling unfulfilled and want to explore different options, then taking a career break is something that you should consider. You may have always wanted to try something new, or something you have never done before. The perfect time for this would be when you are taking a break from your career.

A career break can give you the time and space needed to explore what else life has to offer outside of work. It will allow you to discover your passions and help shape who you are as an individual without having the pressures of needing to earn money or provide for others.

You want to spend more time with friends and family

If you find yourself having to travel for work more than you’d like, or if your job takes up a significant amount of your time, then it might be time for a break. Spending more time with friends and family can help improve your work-life balance. It’s also an opportunity for self-reflection. 

You might find that your relationships with those around you have changed while you were busy at work—or maybe they didn’t change at all! Either way, this is a good thing: knowing where things stand can help inform future decisions about work and life in general.

Health has taken a hit, and your job is making it worse

You’re struggling with health problems, and you’ve started to feel like your job is making it worse. It’s time to take a break from work—and taking a career break is the best way to do it.

There are lots of reasons why someone might need to take a career break: they might have long-term health problems like depression or an eating disorder, or they might be caring for elderly relatives or children who aren’t old enough yet for school. Whatever your reason, it can help you recover if you choose the right amount of time off work.

For example, if you have acute pain associated with an injury or surgery that requires medical treatment then taking two months off work may be better than trying to cope with discomfort in addition to going through treatment at once. If there isn’t any medical issue involved but only emotional distress from dealing with difficult situations at home then taking a career break is a nice idea.

You want to learn new skills that will help you find better jobs in the future

One reason to take a career break is that it gives you time to learn new skills and experience.

As an example, if you work in marketing but would like to move into another area of business, such as sales or finance, then taking a career break could be very beneficial for your future.

It will give you time to gain experience with other parts of the company and build up your network so that when it comes time for a job change, you have plenty of options available to choose from.

Looking to gain some experience outside of your home country or just travel in general

One reason for taking a career break is to gain some experience outside of your home country or just travel in general. If you’re interested in working in another country or doing something different, this is a great way to do it. Maybe you want to see what it’s like to be a teacher in another country, or maybe you want to learn about how companies operate in other parts of the world. Or maybe your dream is just to travel and see new places. Whatever it is, this could be an excellent way for you to get that experience!

You can learn about other cultures, business models, industries, and ways of doing things. And also learn how people think differently in different parts of the world.

You have an idea for a business you’d like to try 

If you have an idea for a business, but can not try it until after you’ve done some market research and testing. A career break can help you fulfill this dream:

  • You can use the time to learn about the market and test your idea
  • You can use the time to build a network that will be valuable when you start your business
  • You can use the time to build a portfolio that proves your ability to do things besides what you’re doing now

Learning a new language

You’re not alone. Some so many people feel like they need to expand their horizons or make themselves marketable in a field that’s not their own. If you’re at a point in your life where you feel like it’s time for change but aren’t sure what the next step is, why not start with learning a new language?

Language learning is fun and exciting and can open up so many opportunities for you in the future. It can help you land that dream job overseas, or make it easier on your family when they want to visit another country. Imagine being able to talk with your grandparents in their native tongue!

You want to follow your dreams

One reason for taking a career break is if you want to master a passion.

We’ve often heard the phrase “follow your passion,” but it’s not always easy to make time for that. If you’re feeling stuck in your career, or if you feel like something is missing, consider taking a career break to focus on something else. Maybe you want to take up painting or learn how to play an instrument. Maybe you’d like to volunteer abroad and learn about another culture.

Whatever your goal may be, taking time away from your regular life and routine can help motivate you towards it. You’ll have more time than usual to dedicate yourself to whatever it is that drives your interest, and this can help make it easier for you to achieve these goals!

Something else has become more important than work and you need to focus

You want to spend more time with family and friends. Spending time with the people you love is an important part of life, and it’s even more so when you’re on a break from work. You have more flexibility to spend time with your family, especially if they live far away or if they’ve moved on from the area you live in.

Your relationship is important too! Taking a break from work allows you to focus on each other 100%, instead of splitting your attention between a job and someone special in your life.

The Pros of Taking a Career Break

Taking a career break can be an amazing experience. It allows you to re-evaluate your career goals, take care of yourself, and explore other interests. You also get a chance to gain new skills or make connections that will help you down the line.

Benefits Your Health

Taking a career break can be beneficial for both your mental health and physical health. Taking time off from work allows you to focus on yourself and let go of the stressors that come with your job. This will help you feel more relaxed, less stressed out, and better equipped to handle your everyday responsibilities.

Gives You Time to Explore

Taking time off also allows you to explore other interests and expand your horizons in ways that are not possible when working full-time at one job. For example, if you’re interested in starting a small business but don’t have enough time while working full-time, taking a career break could provide just enough distance between you and your current responsibilities so that starting up something new seems more feasible than it did before now (when working full-time).

Helps Your Personal Growth

Finally, taking a career break allows for personal growth during this transition period between jobs/careers or even within them! Some people find themselves bored by their current work environment after some time has passed and want something different

A Fresh Perspective

One benefit of taking a break in employment is it gives you a fresh perspective.

After all, when you’re in the thick of things, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most. When you step away from your career for a while, though, you can come back with a clearer vision of what you want out of life—and how your work fits into that bigger picture.

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The Cons of Taking a Career Break

It May be Hard to Get the Old Routine Back

The biggest drawback of taking a career break is that it can be hard to get back into the rhythm of work. When you take time off, it can be easy to lose your sense of purpose and direction. If you’re someone who needs structure in their life, this could be a problem. If you work best with deadlines and goals, then taking time off could be a less good thing for you.

You may miss the routine and structure of work, which could lead to feeling bored or lonely outside of a 9-5.

Financial Problems

If you’re taking hiatus from work without pay and then trying to return to your previous position at your company, you might find yourself in a sticky situation if you want to earn the same salary as before.

Trouble Finding Jobs

Taking time off between jobs can make it difficult to find work after taking a long break from your normal career path. If you’ve been out of work for several years, employers may be more reluctant to hire you than if they had hired someone who had only been away from their career for a few months. It’s also important to make sure that you have an idea of what it is you want to do when you return so that when job opportunities arise, they will be relevant to your skill sets and interests.

In addition:

  • You may have trouble getting back in the swing of things once you return to work
  • If you’re used to being the boss, it might be hard for you to come back as an employee after being out on your own
  • You may lose your job if seniority is an issue or your network isn’t as strong when you return

Ready to Take a Break?

Taking a career break is an important part of your life journey. It can be a time when you take some time to learn new skills, pursue a passion, spend more time with family, travel the world, or work on something special.

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