Employee awards increase employee satisfaction and motivation. Recognizing their effort boosts their morale and keeps them engaged. All companies have an employee recognition program that does the job of appreciating and rewarding employees. However, some of these programs are plain boring. How about adding some humor to these while appreciating the big and small efforts of employees?

Before we show you the list of funny employee awards, let’s have a look at some of the tips on how you can make these awards fun, enjoyable and awesome!


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Funny Employee Awards: Helpful Tips

Funny employee awards are an effective and simple way of making employees feel happy, relaxed, and appreciated.  If done in the right way, they can elevate employee’s confidence and trust in the company.

Don’t Forget Your Company Culture

It is a good idea to keep your company’s culture in mind. Every company has unique culture and values. so make sure that employee awards reflect them. You can also base your awards on the nature of your business. For instance, if you are in healthcare, you can name your awards like Diagnosis: Farsightedness or Diagnosis: Awesome

Be Thoughtful and Attentive

While it is good to add humor, you have to ensure that now of the employee awards are offensive. Use funny awards to entertain employees but at no point should the employees feel embarrassed. Be mindful that no award should make fun of an employee’s race, gender, age, sex, ethnicity, or religion.

Also, consider an employee’s temperament and sense of humor when giving funny employee awards. Usually, employees that like to make jokes are more open to jokes than others.

Encourage Employee Participation

While brainstorming ideas for funny employee awards, involve your employees too. Employees are better aware of their peers and colleagues and can take you by surprise with their funny suggestions.

Once your list of funny employee awards is ready, pass them around the office, ask for additional award categories suggestions and encourage everyone to nominate and vote.

This is a fun activity and can be made into a tradition. Isn’t this also a sweet break from the daily grind?

Host an Award Ceremony

Host a fun, interesting, and lively award ceremony. Your event can be as grand or as small as you want it to be. You can either roll out a red carpet outside the meeting room and make the event a black-tie affair or just order snacks and drinks to host an award ceremony inside the office only.

The aim is to make sure that employees have fun attending and organizing too.

Give Prizes and Trophies

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to hand out expensive gift cards or trophies made out of gold. Just make a quick run to a dollar store and pick low-cost props related to the awards.

For example, a torch can be a great gift for employees who lights up everyone’s path with their guidance.

Reward Employees For Things Other Than Work

Employee appreciation is integral to a workplace. While it is good to recognize employees for their tasks and projects, it is also a good idea to appreciate them for the unconventional things they do.

Moreover, sprinkling the awards with a little humor does no harm. Humor is a great way of bonding teams together and creating lifelong friendships.

However, sometimes you might have a hard time coming up with a funny award for someone who doesn’t have the temperament for jokes or sees little to no humor in things. In that case, you can reward them based on their hobbies or interests. For example, awarding someone with ‘The Chess Master’.

Here is a list of funny employee awards that you can use next time as part of your employee appreciation program. For your ease, we have divided them into several categories. Gear up for some giggles!

Daily Routine Funny Employee Awards

The Early Bird

A show of appreciation for employees who are always the first few to show up in the morning. Supplement the award with a nice gift such as an alarm clock.

Coffee’s Best Friend

This is for someone who’s always found at the coffee station at any point in the day. I addition to this award, gift them with their favorite coffee beans or the award printed on a large coffee mug.

Funny Employee Awards Image

Five More Minutes

This award goes to those employees who always request five minutes extra before starting the meeting.

Appointment Maker 

This person always has an appointment to go to. It either has to be to the doctor or the vet. But without fail, this person is always on the run.

The Empty Desk

An award for someone who is never at their desk. They could either be found having cooler-side pow-wows or busy in meetings all day.

The Private Concert 

You’ll always find this person with their headphones on just vibing in their own bubble. Because they love hearing music, gift them a Spotify subscription or some amazing headphones.

The Empty Fridge 

This honor goes to someone who precisely knows when the fridge is stocked with yummy goodies. To add some fun, gift them some nice fridge magnets or even a customized lunch box emblazoned with their title.

41 Funny Employee Awards Infographic AttendanceBot Blog

Fitness Funny Employee Awards

Gold Medalist 

This is for that person who works out diligently without fail. This is a little token of appreciation for them managing a healthy work-life-gym balance.

Take the Stairs 

A token of appreciation for someone who always prefers to take stairs rather than the elevator. After all, they know that the small things count just as much as a satisfying gym session.

Remote Funny Employee Awards

The Night Owl

Do you have a team member who is always online at the oddest hours? This bird is probably up at 4 am trying to get through all their pending tasks and everyone is always confused about when they ever sleep. This award is an ode to their insomnia.

Early Birdie 

Someone who is seen posting on a channel even before the Sun is up and the birds are chirping.

Best Gif-er

This award is for the team member who responds with all the right GIFs at exactly the right time to have the entire team in splits.

Slack Power User

The Thread Bearer 

Employees who are always on their toes, politely reminding people to reply on threads. Funny isn’t it?

The Megaphone 

This is a shoutout to people who always forget to put themselves on mute and say something embarrassing. But they never learn, do they?

The Muted 

These people have the tendency to finish half of the meeting while being on mute.

Can You Hear Me?

This award goes to those with an almost dead internet connection. They’re constantly trying to reconnect, without any success most of the time.

The Multi-Monitor 

This is for employees who are most likely to look at the wrong screen while talking.

The Low-bandwidth 

This award is for those whose internet bandwidth never seems to support video calls.

The Proud Pet Parent 

This award is given to someone who always shares their pets’ pictures. Obviously to resounding applause within the team.

Personality Funny Employee Awards 

The Office Clown 

This person deserves appreciation for pulling off funny pranks, cracking jokes, and making everyone laugh with their sense of humor.

The Moving First Aid Box

Looking for a bandage or Tylenol? They have it all at their desk. Gift them a nice box or organizer as an appreciation token.

The Silver Lining 

This award is for an employee who always stays positive irrespective of the circumstances.

The Dust Buster 

Do you know someone in your office who always keeps their workspace clean? Well, this award is for them.

The Chit-Chat Award 

You for sure have extroverts in your company wh are always seen chatting with colleagues around. This award is for them.

The Bubbles 

This personality award goes to someone who has a cheerful and bubbly personality.

Sunshine and Rainbows

Given to anyone with the brightest smile. Gift them a laughing emoji pillow as a reminder to stay the same.

Hard Work Funny Employee Awards 

The Busy Bee

This person is always immersed in their work and doesn’t have time for almost anything, not even for this award.

Mission Impossible 

This is a shoutout to those who go above and beyond to achieve the impossible. In this case, a day off can make a great gift.

The Laser Focus 

Someone who is always laser-focused to achieve their tasks. It doesn’t matter how tired they may be, their “To-Do List” is their priority.

Foodie Funny Employee Awards 

The Food Order Master 

Appreciation for someone who knows where to order the best burger or pizza from. They are your go-to person for any sort of food recommendation. You can accompany this award with a discount voucher to their favorite restaurant.

The Super Snacker 

For someone who is always snacking in the office. You may gift them a pack of their favorite snacks.

Always Hungry 

For those who are always looking for something to eat.

The Gourmet Lunch

Goes to someone who always brings something different and delicious for lunch every day.

The Iron Chef 

This colleague brings the most delicious homemade lunch while the rest eat out.

Helping-Out Funny Employee awards

The Toolbox 

These people can fix almost anything that is broken be it a chair, laptop, or dishwasher in the break room. They know it all.

The Fire Extinguisher

Known for putting out metaphoric fires in the office, these people are quicker to reach the situation before the real fire department.

The Helping Hand 

This person is the first to lend a helping hand to their colleagues. Isn’t that really commendable?

The Code Red

This person is the best to go to in a panic situation because they can come up with almost any solution.

The Houdini

This employee knows how to get us out of trouble.

The White Knight 

A dreadful meeting or a presentation, this person always saves the day. Definitely calls for an award.

Creative Ideas Funny Employee Awards

The Bunsen Burner 

For coming up with the hottest ideas.

The Mind-Blower 

This person really blows up minds with the most creative ideas.

Fashion Awards

Makeup Maven

Looking for hair, makeup, or skincare recommendations? Walk straight to this makeup maven. You’re sure to bag some really helpful information.

Dressed to Kill

Some people love to dress up every day. This award is meant for them and their impeccable dressing sense.

The Lady Gaga

For always blowing past the dress code limits at the speed of light; but all in the name of fashion.

Some More Funny Employee Awards

Thinks in Emoji

These employees know the slack emoji dictionary in and out. They always reply with the most appropriate emojis to every message. Wonder how they do it? We aren’t sure either. But let’s appreciate them for making the workplace more fun.

Funny employee Awards emojis

The Human Wikipedia 

This person is equipped with all the facts and figures. You really can’t beat them so might as well hit them up for all queries.

The Pen Stealer

Award for a colleague who never has their own pen and walks off with others’. A pack of pens will make a gift. What do you think?

The Bermuda Triangle

Awarded to someone who owns the most mysterious desk where things go and never come back. You can give them stationery organizers as a reminder to keep their desks clean.

Always in a Meeting

This person is never available to take calls or reply to emails because they are always in a meeting.

The Office DJ

This person is known for having the loudest music in the office. Yes, you can hear their music through headphones too.

The Loud Typist

Ever known someone in the office whose loud typing can be heard from miles away? Yes, this award is for them. In addition to the award, gift them a nice keyboard because there’s is probably on its last legs.

The Vampire

An employee who arrives the earliest and leaves the latest. Do they ever sleep? That’s a secret they will never tell.

The Squirrel

This person has an invisible desk. Wonder why? Because it will be covered under a pile of stuff. They’re hoarders and they want you to know it.

It’s Your Turn Now!

By now, you must have had an idea of how you can add fun, life, and humor to employee awards. There are several ways of creating funny employee awards. It all depends on how innovative and creative you get.

The point to remember is that employee awards no matter how plain or funny is a great value addition to a company’s culture. Besides that, it is a way of making employees fall in love with your workplace. When this happens, employees work with more motivation. They put their best foot forward and are likely to stay longer with an organization increasing the employee retention rate.

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