Gifts for employees may not be a mandate, but it indeed is a good gesture. A little goodwill goes a long way, and that is why thinking of employee gift ideas and constantly revising them to give your employees an extraordinary experience is a good thing. Be it Christmas gift for employees or employee appreciation gifts; the purpose is to make the employee feel valued. This, in turn, increases employee loyalty towards the organization and creates a better work culture with minimal toxicity and maximum productivity.

This article will discuss why it is essential to think of gifts for employees, employee gift ideas, festive and regular gift ideas, gift ideas for employees on a budget, gifts for the boss, new hire gifts, and much more. Fasten your belts for we are in for an exciting ride.

Why Is It Important to Think of Gifts for Employees?


As mentioned earlier, thinking of gifts for employees is not just materialistic, it has a deeper sentiment attached to it. Gifts are tangible proof of feeling valued and directly contribute towards employee productivity and a better work environment. Here are a few of the many reasons why gifts for staff and employee appreciation gifts, in general, constitute a good idea and should be incorporated in the organization.

Employee Recognition

Employees do not want to be recognized by their ID. They want to be remembered for their individuality and their contribution to the organization. Gifts for staff ensure that they feel valued on an individual basis and not just as an anonymous group of people. This in turn encourages them to work better and faster. It is a great way to enforce employee recognition.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Think of how a normal human would react to a surprise gift, provided it is well thought of and caters to taste. Exhilarated, right? The same is the case with employees. Regular gifts for employees make them feel sated at their workplace which keeps them happy. Happy and satisfied individuals create a better atmosphere and work better.

Decreased Attrition

Gifts for staff and employee appreciation gifts are a sign that they are valued at the company. Thus, they stay on for longer periods and do not intend to switch jobs. This decreases the overall attrition rate of the organization, in turn, increasing the employee retention rate.

Better Work Environment

One happy employee contributes towards a project. Thousands of happy employees create a happy work culture. The aim is to achieve the latter. This is possible with constant communication and appreciation of work via gifts for employees.

It is to be noted that employee appreciation gifts and gifts for employees can be slightly different from each other. While the former can be linked to performance and can be disbursed sparsely, the latter can be distributed in a generic manner, with a slight personal touch. Also, remember that company SWAG is not a part of gifts for employees, and they know it too. Your gift need not be expensive, it just needs to be thoughtful and creative enough to make the employee feel valued. Overall, thinking of gifts for employees and subsequently giving it to them is an important feat to achieve.

Which is the Apt Time to Get Gifts for Employees?

There is no one specific day to get gifts for employees. It is more out of a feeling of appreciation that you need to impart. That being said, certain levels of plans need to be in place to know when to think of getting gifts for employees, so that it is not a random act that recognizes a few and forgets the rest. It needs to be carefully thought of, with reason. Here are a few dates to remember for sure.

  • Joining date
  • First anniversary
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Holiday gift (Christmas gifts for employees)
  • Gifts for achieving an award and other employee appreciation gifts

Note that the aforementioned list is by no means exhaustive. But this indeed gives you an idea of what to think of while creating a list of gifts for employees. Remember that more than the material value of the gift, the sentimental value is cherished. Be thorough and thoughtful with your gift.

Employee Gift Ideas to Take a Cue From

As we said, gifts for employees should be carefully thought of and then listed, so that the employee feels valued. Even if gifts are the same, there should be some level of personalization to make the employee feel unique and not a part of the herd. However, this is different from being celebrated as a team and giving team gifts. In that case, each member of the team is appreciated and the team gifts are a token of their collective effort.

Let’s take a look at some of the employee gift ideas that you can take a cue from the next time you wish to hand out gifts to your staff.

Gift Ideas for Employees on a Budget

Sometimes, you do not need to break the budget to buy good gifts for employees. The perfect thing may just catch your eye at a minimal price.

Idea #1
Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This is a great gift for those employees who are absolutely particular about keeping their desks mess-free and are keen on aesthetics, along with work. Mini vacuum cleaners are great at picking up dust and normal paper waste that is a part of an employee’s everyday routine. This will be totally loved.

Idea #2
Desktop Oscillating Fan

Do you have an employee who is constantly feeling hot and humid and the office air conditioner is just not enough for them? This desktop fan is a perfect and affordable option to gift.

Idea #3
Baby Groot Pen or Plant Holder

Is there a Marvel fan in the house? Gift this pen or plant holder that actually is one of the cutest superhero characters. Personalized or not, a fan would love it. Plus, it is not heavy on the pocket as well. Thoughtful and beautiful, this will definitely make the employee’s day.

Christmas Gift for Employees

gifts for employees

Festivals are a great time to dish out some great gifts. Gifts for staff during the Christmas season can be collective and common, but with a touch of love and personalization. In the spirit, common office gifts are delightfully acceptable.

Idea #4
Fancy Charging Station

If you have an employee whose phone is always out of juice and requires a charging port or a power bank, this is a perfect gift. This is also good for gadget enthusiast employees who have many devices and are always surrounded by charging cables.

Idea #5

The best gift for employees who are absolute music lovers and have missed a call or two because of that as well. Give them the gift of music, only on the condition that they would focus more on work. Well, they don’t need to be told. They would already do that.

Personalized Gift for Employees

Add a little quirk to these and watch the fun unfold. Obviously, not at the expense of the employee, within the boundaries.

Idea #6
Named Alarm Clock

If you have an employee who is constantly late at work, give a revolutionary clock that mimics sunrise and creates a similar vibe in the room. Add the employee’s name for some special effects.

Idea #7
Himalayan Salt Lamp

Do you have an employee who is constantly stressing? Give them a personalized Himalayan salt lamp. This desk lamp will help relieve the stress with its therapeutic properties and will also look aesthetically cool on the desk.

New Hire Gifts

gifts for employees

New hires are confused and a little scared. The best way to make their first day a memorable one is by giving them gifts that are thoughtful and useful.

Idea #8
Leather Portfolio-cum-organizer

Want to welcome a new hire? Give the gift of discipline, the fun way. There are beautiful organizers available that also serve as undated planners. Get one personalized and gift on the first day at work. If it is the one with replaceable notebooks, even better, because it will last a long time.

Idea #9
Amazon Gift Card

Generic yet with a personal touch, gift cards are the best way to welcome a new hire. Many stores, including Amazon, also give the facility to personalize the gift card. These will be nice welcome gifts for employees who have just joined.

Gifts for Boss

Who says it’s only employees who need gifts. Supervisors or bosses too need to be appreciated for their hard work, once in a while. And thus, gifts for employees also encompass gifts for boss. Whether the employees give it collectively or it comes from the organization, gifts for boss need to truly meet the stature of the person to whom it is being given.

Idea #10

Therapy and self-care are extremely important. In the quest to manage a team well enough to achieve the goals of the organizations, bosses often forget to invest in their own peace. Thus, a subscription to Therabox is just the perfect way to remind them that they need to take care of their mental health as well.

Idea #11
Portable Insulated Coffee Tumblers

Bosses are constantly on the move and they need their coffee too. Portable coffee mugs that are insulated as well are perfect for their commute. It ensures that their coffee remains hot and does not spill, even in the car or inside the bag.

What are the Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Gifts for Employees?

Corporate gifts for employees are fun to plan and give. But, it is important to keep certain things in mind as well, so that no boundaries are crossed. The gifting should be a delightful moment, both for the employee and the organization.

Here are a few things to do when you think of gifts for employees, even after you have decided what the gift is going to be:

  • Take out some time and think of how to give the gift. How you give the gift also creates an impression. The most basic gifts sometimes ace over the most expensive ones, just because the manner of gifting was thoughtful.
  • Plan out the time when you wish to give the gift. Along with the mode of gifting, the timing also matters.
  • Also, plan the gift wrapping and presentation of the gift.

Every step matters. From wrapping to giving, the gift should make an impression at each stage.

What is a Point-based Employee Gifting Idea System?

This is one of the most popular gifting systems in organizations. It is an extremely simple system wherein all the employees are a part of the software. The employees are then allotted points as a part of an incentive program as gifts or rewards. These points are usually connected to various brands that have a corporate tie-up with the organizations. The employees can redeem their points to shop at their respective brands. From travel and lifestyle to food and everyday essentials, these points can be redeemed anywhere and everywhere.

Here are a few advantages of the point-based employee gifting idea system:

  • This system offers the employees a huge range of options and is quite flexible
  • It gives the employees the freedom to choose the gift
  • This is also a friendly interface system and is easy to access, both for employee and the management
  • It serves as a great employee engagement platform as well, with all the point hustle

A point-based employee system is practical and personal. Thus, it is most preferred.

Do you Need to Think of Gifts for Employees?

Yes, you do. Gifts for employees have various advantages, ranging from employee loyalty and productivity to lower attrition rate and an overall better and brighter work culture. It is a good gesture of recognition too. Gifting employees regularly makes sure their morale is high.

How do you give gifts to employees? Do share with us at @HarmonizeHQ.

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