Do you have a dedicated home office in your house?

With the pandemic, a lot of us were forced to cobble together something fast. But with COVID making the rounds once more, maybe it’s time for a renovation?

Keep reading to see a comprehensive curated list of the best home office setup ideas for remote employees.

Eco-Friendly Home Office Setup

Electric vehicles, heatwaves, and unforeseen super storms? The pandemic wasn’t the only disaster that took center stage this year. The climate change chickens have also come home to roost.

Although the primary responsibility lies with large organizations that are choking Earth with their emissions, we can take small steps to be more sustainable.

Therefore, let us start with eco-friendly home office setup ideas. The beauty of this design is that it brings together lots of greenery, natural light, and limited air conditioning. This work-from-home desk setup is one that makes a small step to reduce emissions while also immersing ourselves in all that nature has to offer. 

Eco Friendly Backyard Offices


Tips to Ace an Eco-Friendly Home Office Setup

  • Go Monochromatic with a Pop of Color:  Make sure you refrain from extravagant prints and patterns. Instead, go for smokey greys, matte whites, and beiges. Be sure to add a few interesting pops of color through greenery and maybe an interesting swivel chair. 
  • Natural Lighting: Use French windows to let in lots of natural light into the room. Although ditching curtains may be impractical but do opt for light blinds instead.  
  • Go Green: Include lots of greenery both indoors and outdoors with huge plant racks.
  • Choose Sustainable Furnishings: Be sure to steer clear of IKEA furnishing and dig a little deeper to find truly sustainable furnishings and fixtures. Look at buying second-hand furniture and refurbishing it for a unique DIY approach too.

Office Accessories for Eco-Friendly Home Office Setups 

Scandinavian Home Office Idea

Are you into a profile that demands a high level of ingenuity and extraordinary thinking? If yes, the Scandinavian home office décor idea will give a boost to your productivity.

This Swedish-inspired work from home office setup will give depth to your work. It is a simple setup that requires a humble table, a rack, and a reading lamp. Although the overall setup is quite simple. It looks regal and draws the eye to the simple touches.

Scandinavian Home Office Ideas


Tips to Ace the Scandinavian Home Office Setup

  • Colors: Make sure you go for contrasting color combinations like black and white, grey and yellow, and so on.
  • Natural Touch: Include natural materials like wood, cane, and jute to add warmth to space.
  • Add Variety: Add some posters, antique appliances, pictures, straw baskets, and clay vases to give a character to space.

Must-have Office Accessories for Scandinavian Home Office

Art Deco Home Office Setup

Home office decor ideas like the Art Deco celebrate the more-is-more mindset of the 1920s. With metallic accents, striking colors, and striking furniture, it is a unique home office setup idea. It is over the top but with a raw magnetism that makes it a great fit for highly creative industries. 

Such a sophisticated home office works great for designers who frequently need to take meetings. It is an impressive and chic work-from-home office setup style for modern-day professionals.

Art Deco Home Office Setup Idea-min


Tips to Ace the Art Deco Home Office Setup

  • Accessories: Go for luxurious work-from-home accessories like lamps, deep armchairs, and massive tables.
  • Go Expressive: Add lots of expressive materials like crystals, mirrors, glass, polished wood to uplift the mood.
  • Shades: Go for saturated, and dark colors for the most royal look.

Must-have Accessceriors for an Art Deco Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup Ideas for Small Spaces

So far we’ve been talking about homes where there is a lot of space for a home office. Houses where you can dedicate an entire room to a home office.

But what about small urban houses that just don’t have that kind of space? Here are a few home office setup ideas that will occupy less space in your home but are just as stunning.

Clever Office Nook

Are you looking out for some unique small home office ideas? If yes, the Clever Office Nook idea can be the perfect home office setup for you. All you need here is a small nook beside your cabinet or window area to create a cute home office.

It is one of the top contenders for budget work from home stations. All you need is a comfortable chair and a reading lamp.

Home Office Nook


Tips to Ace the Space Utilization

  • Basics: Make sure you stick to the basics. Try to keep the design and flow as uncluttered as you possibly can. 
  • Boost Aesthetics: You can boost the aesthetics by pasting some postcards, pictures, and other small things on the desk. 
  • Colors: Avoid going for large pops of color, as you might end up making it look like a matchbox. The best is to pick lighter shades or keep it natural even with mild accent colors. 

Must-have Accessories for Clever Nook Corner

The Closet Office

Do you know that even the smallest of your home spaces can be converted into a makeshift office? Hard to believe? Check out this closet work from the home station idea. You can convert an unused closet into a small office space.

The best part is that there is no need for any renovation in this home office design. The slabs in the closet will act as your work desk and storage shelves. You can shut your home office once you finish your work.

Closet Home Office


Tips to Ace the Closet Office

  • Lighting: Make sure you get a good quality reading or table lamp for your home office. You can keep the colors neutral or go for a pop of color if you wish.
  • Clutter-free: You see, the closet office can become one of the best small home office ideas, provided you succeed in keeping the area clutter-free.
  • Utility Upgrades: You can also check for some home office upgrades online and use them in your closet office.

Must-have Accessories in your Closet Home Office

Floating Shelf Home Office

No separate space or room for your home office? No problem. You can create space out of nowhere. All you need is a vision and imagination. One such unique office room idea is a floating shelf home office. 

You will only need some organizers to arrange your stuff, and you are good to go. All these needs are a bunch of floating shelves, minimal color, and a long table that can double as a hobby table too. 

Floating Shelf Home Office Ideas


Tips to Make the Most of a Floating Shelf Office

  • Color: Go for neutral tones with a few muted pops of color. 
  • Storage: Keep items stored in bins, shelves, and folders so that space doesn’t look cluttered.
  • Lighting: You can install led bulbs beneath the shelves to give a warm and inviting look. 

Must-have Accessories for your Floating Shelf Office

Modern Home Office Ideas

Are you looking out for some modern home office setup options? If yes, you might find your perfect home office setup idea here!

Cozy Library Office

It is one of the best modern home office ideas trending in 2021. Do you have a library in your home? If yes, you cannot find a better place for your home office. You can boost the dynamism by adding some bold hues and artistic patterns to the space.

A simple pop of green will keep your home office fresh and lively. You can also go for air-purifying plants that will keep allergens and staleness at bay. However, make sure you do not have any busy room or section in this home office background.

Home Library Office


Tips to Ace this Home Office Setup Idea

  • Lighting: Lighting will play a crucial role in this home office idea. Thus, make sure you have excellent lighting arrangements, including chandeliers and large lamps.
  • Color pop: Give a standout look to your home office with bright colors like orange, red, and turquoise.
  • Add character: Sprinkle some drama with some abstract paintings, vases, and other antiques.

Must-have items for Cozy Library Office

The Bohemian Office

The Bohemian office is a great setup for couples who are looking to share a home office. It is bright and charming without being an eyesore. These home offices are best suited to large homes. Professionals who are often swamped with journals, catalogs, and business cards should go for something like this.

Bohemian Home Office Ideas-min


Tips to ace the Bohemian Home Office Setup

  • Greens: Stir creativity by adding lots of greenery to your office space. Home plants and herb racks will convert this place into a green heaven.
  • Moodboards: Keep one wall exclusively for mood boards. It is an excellent way to boost your mood and productivity.
  • Play with Tones: The best part about this home office is that it allows you to play with different tones without adding pops of color. 

Must-have items for The Island Home Office

Out-of-the-box Home Office Design 

Out-of-the-box home office designs are in trend, and it is not hard to see why. They are quirky, innovative, and keep your inquisitiveness alive. We have compiled a list of top unconventional home office room ideas for professionals who like to look for inspiration from their home offices.

Alcove Home Office

Rooting for a minimalist desk setup? You might like this home office idea. Alcoves are underused spaces that are too small for TVs, wardrobes, or chests. So why not use it as your home office? If planned well, you can create a lot of space here.

The secret to champion this home office design is by thinking vertical. A pro tip, go for a wall mount work desk to make optimum utilization of the vertical space.

Alcove Home Office


Tips to Ace an Alcove Home Office Design

  • Colors: Playing with colors here is a big no. Subtle colors like deep brown or black will do the magic.
  • Accessories: Items like small abstract paintings or décor items can help in uplifting the look of the space.

Must-have items for Alcove Office

Loft Bed Home Office

Using the under loft space is another interesting way to create a home office. You can use the wall area as your mood board. A simple work desk with under cabinets is enough to store your stuff.

You can also extend a bit and use the outer wall space. It is a superb work-from-home desk setup that can be easily maintained and managed. You can also do some quick home office upgrades to freshen up the vibe. What more can you ask for?

Loft Office

Tips to make a Loft Home Office

  • Lighting: Make sure you pay special attention to lighting arrangements, as it is usually dark in a loft.
  • Hues: Go for softer hues like baby pink, white, or sky blue.
  • Monochrome: You can also go for monochrome to get the magazine look.

Must-have items for Loft Bed Office

The Transformer Mega Desk Home Office

Time to fulfill your childhood sci-fi fantasy. The transformer home office is an industrial-chic idea that comes with a hint of robotics. Its flexible pieces, foldable features, and expandable functions are the epitome of creativity. Experiment with different desk ideas, and pick the one that best suits you.

This home office design allows you to function efficiently in a small space. The half of the table can open vertically, giving you access to storage and a lamp. You can use the other half as your work desk. It is one of the most outstanding bedroom desk ideas for workaholics.

Transformational Desk

Tips to ace the look

  • Comfort: Get a comfortable chair for this desk.
  • Décor: You can decorate the surrounding space with home plants, vases, and lamps.
  • Maximize storage: Make sure you add as many storage pouches as you can to this Transformer home office desk.

Must-have things in your Transformer Home Office

With companies offering more flexible working arrangements, a home office is now a necessity and not just a want. Did any of these home office ideas light the fire within you?