Workspace culture revolution has added another task to the to-do list of employers: offer perks at work. 

Previously, a paycheck and a watercolor were sufficient to keep employees happy. But now, employees expect more. They prefer to work in spaces that take care of their physical and mental health. For that, employers have to strike a balance between a workplace and a fun workplace. 

This article is a collection of some of the amazing perks at work that you can offer to your employees. Take inspiration from the list of companies that are already doing an amazing job with them. 

But first, let’s be clear on what are perks?

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What Are Perks?

Perks are auxiliary in nature and make the work environment more inviting for employees. Examples include a nap room, free snacks, or travel tickets. 

What Are Benefits?

Benefits are non-wage compensation that is more reliable than perks. They supplement the salary and include health insurance, stock options, and many more. 

Reasons For Offering Perks At Work?

Public Visibility 

Imagine walking into an office where employees are glued to their screens, tapping on their keyboards. The office has a grim environment with white walls with a coffee station sitting at the far end of the room. What vibe do you get?

Now, imagine entering an office that is full of people chatting and laughing. The walls are white with splashes of colors. The social area has a foosball table, exercise machines, a table full of yummy snacks, and a coffee station with people fluttering around. How do you feel?

Pleasantly delighted of course. The latter depicts a culture that is creative, fun, and innovative. More so, it shows that the employer cares for its employees and just doesn’t expect them to limit themselves to their cubicles. 

The company, at this point, has scored a point in painting a progressive image of itself which goes a long way in hiring the top talent. 

playing foosball at work

Increased Productivity

Many employers have a misconception that a generous salary makes up for all. Well, it doesn’t. Employees who are glued to their seats for 9 hours, earning hefty income, but without moving a muscle do not enjoy their work to the fullest. 

Offering short working days on-site facilities like a gym, swimming pools o a jogging track can do wonders. Employees can take short breaks at work, indulge themselves in a fun game of ping pong or their favorite support. The result will be increased productivity and a drop in turnover rates. 

Companies That Offer Perks At Work 


Microsoft is one of the many companies that provide the best benefit to its employees. They keep improving on their perks in order to ensure that employees stay happy, healthy, and motivated at work.  

Employees at Microsoft work with comfort because the employer provides them with flexible work schedules, daycare services, and social clubs. Moreover, the company also has several dine-in options and on-site retail shops that make up for a complete entertainment package. 


This tech giant provides outstanding benefits to its employees. It provides free food, a free gym facility, on-site doctors, massage therapists, nurses, healthcare services, and a shuttle service. The list doesn’t end here. Google also provides paid maternity and paternity leaves in the company. 

Other interesting perks include oil changes, car maintenance service, yoga, a child care facility, and a playroom. 

Thanks to Google for these benefits, employees get their hands on growth opportunities while working in an environment that is healthy and innovative. 


Like other employers, Mark Zuckerberg understands the importance of providing perks at work. To keep employees satisfied, Facebook provides insurance benefits, a free gym facility, free food, 16 weeks of paid paternity and maternity leave. In addition to this, it also provides a ‘Baby Cash bonus to new parents. Employees also have the option to work from home. 


Hubspot does an amazing job of providing perks at work. It has an exhaustive list of benefits that contribute to employees’ motivation and productivity. Unlimited holidays in combination with flexible working hours and extra paid leaves of 4 weeks after completing five years of employment. Isn’t this amazing?

The company values relationships which reflect in the paternal and maternal leaves given to employees. Moreover, it offers modern health benefits such as therapy sessions and coaching. This is because they want their employees to be mentally and physically fit. 

Hubspot knows how to make its employees feel valued. They appreciate their employees’ efforts and celebrate their accomplishments no matter how big or small. 


Nvidia is another company that offers a host of perks at work. They include parental leaves, 22 weeks of paid leaves, and in vitro fertilization plans. To make life simpler for employees, Nvidia offers on-site health care, laundry, and car maintenance service. 


Postmates is a company that vouches to deliver a product within an hour of placing the order. Some of the perks include free meals, an unlimited vacation policy, flexibility to work remotely, and an option to bring pets to work. 

Southwest Airlines 

If you’re someone who loves to travel, then you should make it a point to join Southwest Airlines. It offers the most fun perks at work. You and your family have the liberty to board the plane at no cost. Moreover, you can also take your friends on free trips. 

Bank of America 

This company offers perks and benefits that have a positive impact on employees’ physical, mental and financial wellness. Some of them include free gym, free counseling, health, life, and disability insurance. With these perks, Bank of America aims to fulfill the needs of its employees at every stage.  


One of the best places to work, Airbnb offers a wide array of perks to its employees. Health, premium life, and disability insurance are a few, to begin with. In addition to this, it also gives paid holidays  and devises pension plans for its employees 


Starbucks has some really interesting perks for its employees. Free dry cleaning, discounts on coffee drinks are just a few, to begin with. 

Starbucks really believes in investing in its employees, be it their health or education. Its ‘Starbucks College Achievement Plan lets eligible employees attend Arizona State University at zero cost. Isn’t that amazing?

Also, all employees get a pound off free coffee or tea every week! 


Salesforce offers some really cool perks at work. This software company makes special arrangements for massage therapy and yoga classes every month. Employees get discounts on cleaning services and free tickets to music events. And most importantly, the company pays tuition fees for employees who attend university to advance in their careers. 


Spotify is no less when it comes to offering perks at work. Free daily lunches and snacks along with flexible working hours and free tickets to concerts and music events are to name a few. Spotify is also concerned with the health of its employees. It offers free fertility treatments to employees which shows its emotional investment in them. 

Clif Bar

A snack company that offers fun perks to its employees. It offers a nutritionist that employees can talk to, borrow bicycles for free, and use the gym facility. Every week, employees have the flexibility to spend 150 minutes in the gym. Employees have the liberty to choose their favorite sport such as rock climbing, swimming, or yoga. 

Clif Bar promotes sustainable living and believes in giving back to the planet. It encourages its employees to do so by making them reduce their carbon footprint. Employees either come to work by walking, cycling, or driving low-emission cars. 


Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand that has its headquarters in Ventura, Calif. Perks at work include offering to use skateboards, bikes, and scooters for free. Employees also have the option of attending complimentary yoga classes. 

Moreover, employees can bring their children along who can play in the company’s child care center for as many hours as they want. Isn’t this so convenient for all the working moms?


Deloitte is big on providing health care benefits to its employees. Through its health care, Deloitte offers infertility treatments to its workforce. The company also has an egg preservation facility. There is also a child care unit for emergency situations. 

Grasshopper Group 

Grasshopper group also offers a nice menu of perks at work. In addition to flexible hours and half days on Summer Fridays, the organization also provides a daily lunch allowance of $5. This is in combination with free snacks and espresso. Moreover, to burn off calories, a Nintendo Wii room is also available. 


Apple offers its products to employees at discounted prices. The company is known for hosting social and musical events that feature celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Demi Lovato. And of course, social events come with free drinks, snacks, and appetizers. 

Along with its substantial maternity and paternity packages, Apple also offers egg preservation facilities. 


Cisco is not behind when it comes to offering attractive perk packages. The company is big on social events. Each departed is given a budget to plan an event as they please. They can either choose a nearby bar or arena. The choice is theirs to make. 

Like Starbucks, Cisco ensures that employees celebrate their birthdays right. But here, employees do not get a free cup of coffee. They get an entire day off!

So working at Cisco means you never have to work on your birthdays. 


Linkedin believes in training talent and does so by offering fulfilling perks at work. In addition to the vacation time, Linkedin gives employees time off on 17 national holidays. Can you believe that?

There is nothing greater than earning a hefty salary. But what if employees don’t know how to handle their finances? Well, Linkedin goes a step forward and arranges financial classes that help employees plan their finances, set budgets,s and retain savings. How thoughtful isn’t it?

Lastly, the company provides its employees with a $2000 ‘Perk up’ bonus that can go towards building a child care center, fitness, and massage facilities. 


Paypal has been around for some time now and definitely knows how to take care of its employees. In addition to providing health coverage, the company goes a step further by helping employees with Stanford Navigator. It helps employees search about medical conditions, health care providers and make informed decisions. 

A fintech company like Paypal knows the value of staging up to date with the latest technology trends. It encourages employees to acquire knowledge by offering them rotational programs. 


Isn’t this our most favorite thing to do? The streaming giant provides some stellar perks to its employees. 

Employees are given the taste of every show and movie they create and that is also on the on-site movie theatre.

Giving free food may sound trivial but let’s not forget food fuels the brain. Thus, Netflix gives free lunch and snacks. 

The most important of all is the maternity and paternity package. Unlike many companies, Netflix offers one whole year of maternity and paternity leaves. Isn’t this enough of a wow factor?

Gym facility at work


A fun perk that Twitter offers is providing free laundry and dry cleaning services to its employees. So rest assured, employees always show up clean. 

As we know, Twitter is the voice of people. Be it celebrities or non-celebrities. Employees get to meet some notable celebrities who often drop in. 


Amazon values family time for its employees. This is why, employees at Amazon have access to a network of around 2 million caregivers, nannies, and babysitters, and special needs caretakers. The company provides free resources to parents of children with certain developmental disabilities and discounts on various daycare centers. 


Intel believes in elevating the knowledge of its employees. For that, it goes the extra mile to arrange workshops, training, certifications, and several other employee development opportunities. 

Alongside rigorous mentorship and coaching programs, intel also believes in doing small things for employees. The company provides several on-site conveniences such as free tickets for local or cultural events, travel perks, and shopping vouchers. 

Intel also cares for its employees’ physical and mental fitness. As a cause of this, there is an on-site gym facility, wellness programs, and healthy food options. They also arrange local community events that encourage healthy lifestyles. 


SAP, like many other companies, believes in giving back to the earth. For that, SAP gives out electric cars to its employees to get rid of the gas.

In addition to this, SAP also provides travel insurance to employees so that they are not overburdened with hefty travel expenses. 

Be the Company With the Best Perks at Work 

There’s a lot that you can do to retain your top talent. Make it a point to offer a variety of fun perks to your employees. It will paint a good picture of you and allow employees to combine work with some fun. 

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