Your colleague is finally retiring after years of hard work. What retirement gifts should you give them? Before the pandemic, retirement would mean a great party to finally bid them goodbye. But today, especially with older individuals it can be a risk. In the pre-COVID days, parties had cake, lots of balloons, many people, and of course drinks at the party. Soon-to-be retirees were gifted various things, some small, some big. 

Retirement gifts typically included things as small as a picture frame to huge ones like furniture. Retirement gifts can be of all sorts. Some are unique, some funny, some are custom-made to show extra affection towards the retiring colleague. In other words, any gift that shows your affection for them and makes them feel they will be missed once they leave works great.

After the pandemic, however, everything has gone upside down. There are almost no social gatherings anymore let alone a retirement party. The pandemic has made throwing parties, making someone happy on their important days a lot harder. In times like these, you wonder what to do instead. All thanks to online shopping vendors, who’ve got our backs, so you can still make your soon-to-be retirees feel special. But what’s a good retirement gift?

In this article, we will go through a list of gifts that you can give to your retiring coworkers. This blog has a list of gifts that are unique from everyday gifts. Let this blog be your guide in choosing an ideal retirement present. Moreover, we will also link every gift to sites where you can find them. So go ahead and give it a read.

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Retirement Gifts for Men

An iPad

A retiree who’s got nothing but time on his hands would love this gift. An iPad can be used for a lot of purposes after retirement. Be it watching videos to learn something online, the internet never stops. Also, If you’re looking for a gift idea for your boss, iPads may be a great idea. 

Shop here

Training Device

If a retiree who’s keen on maintaining their shape, what better gift than a cardio training device for them? Retirement days mean lazy days. A training device can help them be in shape while being lazy. The second gift idea can be a fitness bike. This comes with hundreds of pre-loaded workout sessions on its touch screen. 

Buy here

A Lounge Chair

Furniture can be another great idea for a retirement gift. Gift a retiree a nice chair for their lounge where they hopefully will be spending most of their time after retirement. A comfortable rocking chair is just another great idea with the extra benefit of taking the stress away. Check out these amazing chairs at this link.

Golf Kits

If your retiree friend is looking forward to picking up golf as the new hobby, this golf kit is an amazing gift for them. It will not only fulfill their golf interest but also keep them healthy and active. See some ideas here.

A Book

A nice book never goes out of fashion to gift someone. Especially a retiree who has nothing but time on his hands would love a book. Make sure the book you choose is helpful for them, relevant to them, and aligns with their interests. Otherwise, it would be a waste. Check some books out here.

Man reading a book

A Wristwatch

What better to gift a retiree a beautiful wristwatch to add to their retirement glam? A water-resistant watch that goes with both casual and a formal outfit goes a long way. Shop here

A Champagne Bucket

After retirement, most people stay at home. Many like to have people over and party to celebrate their retirement. Such a scenario calls for lots of drinks. A champagne bucket is just the right thing to gift a retiree. Get it at this link.

Ear Buds

Most people like to be at peace after they retire. They are finally done with the work tension, they daily hustle-bustle and now they prefer tranquility and calmness. Earbuds serve just the right purpose. These are especially a great retirement gift idea for elderly colleagues or a boss. Get them at this link.


Gifting someone plants is a unique idea. Not only do they help you breathe better, but also create a stress-free environment at home. Just the presence of indoor or outdoor plans is a lot to put negativity out of your mind. If the retiree is into gardening, you may gift something that will interest them. Go for plants and seeds as a retirement gift and shop them here.

A Professional Grill

Having a lot of time means partying and that is incomplete without BBQ. A grilling set is another good retirement gift idea for your male colleagues. It will help them create fun memories with their family after they retire. Shop grills here.

Snack Box

A box full of snacks including chocolates, nuts, biscuits, cookies, or candies is always a nice idea to gift someone. Buy this Sweet Thanks here.

A Lamp

A lamp by the side of the bed always fills the room with light and happiness. Lamps are a good retirement gift since most people love to be in their room after they retire, reading a book or simply watching TV. Shop here.

Home Depot Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with a gift card that facilitates DIY home improvements and other fixer-upper chores after retirement. Check this gift card right here.

Personalized Travel Journal

Personalized retirement gifts can never go wrong. If your retired colleague tends to travel a lot, a personalized travel journal is a great idea for a retirement gift. They can fill it with their travel memories and all the other happy moments of their life. Buy at this link.

Retirement Gifts for Women

Colors and Paints

If your retiree had an artist inside her, she would love this gift. The sight of a pack of vibrant colors or paints is enough to bring a smile to so many faces. An aspiring artist could totally find value in this gift after retirement. 

Buy here

A Jade Roller

Is your colleague someone who loves to do something for herself? A jade roller can be a cute gift for her. Shop the best ones here.

Skin Care

For your colleague that loves to take care of her skin, gift her the skincare she’s always wanted. This can either be a moisturizer, a sunscreen, a body lotion, a lip balm, or a collection of it all. Anti-aging serum is another gift idea for your retiree. Shop the best skincare products here.

Make-Up Products

So what if they’re retiring? Women always love makeup products. It doesn’t have to be fancy and can simply be a bunch of lipsticks to make them feel still young. See this link for products.

Lounge Pants

Cake, flowers, and a bottle of champagne are sure great ideas to gift someone on their retirement. But gifting something that goes a long way is even better. Lounge pants, a warm shawl, or a comfy sweater are gifts that stay with someone for a long time. Shop them here.

A Ukulele

If your colleague was someone who sang very well but always wanted to play an instrument to compliment her voice. A ukulele or a guitar can just be the thing she wanted. The same can be for your male colleagues. Shop here.

Coffee Maker

We all know a person who doesn’t start their day without a cup of coffee. If your retiree is one of these persons, gifting her a coffee maker can be a valuable idea. Find the best coffee maker here.

Customized Shirt

A customized T-shirt with their name on it and maybe a nice note that you will miss them is something they will always cling to. Every time they wear that piece of clothing will remind them of you and their memories with you. 

A Wine Tumbler

Be it bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or retirement parties, wine tumblers are a great gift for women. Shop this cup here.

Scented Candles

Everyone loves scented candles, especially women! Candles with fragrance is another good retirement gift idea. Lavender for example is shown to reduce depression and stress by its fragrance. This is all that a retiree looks forward to after they retire: peace. You can find the best-scented candles here.

Flower Basket

Retirement parties are no different than regular parties and retirement gifts do not have to be sober at all. Nobody can dislike flowers unless they are allergic of course! So get that customized flower basket with lots of flowers and gift her. Different types of flowers are even better. See ideas here.

A bouquet

Virtual Retirement Gifts

An Adventure

Gifts are great but gifting someone an experience is superior. This means they can enjoy a holiday or an adventure without having to worry about going to work the next day. Retirement days are meant to be enjoyed and gifting someone this experience is better than everything. Explore some amazing experiences here.

An Online Class

If the retiree is interested in learning something online, buy them that course. Enroll them in a MasterClass as your gift. They will never forget this experience. Before enrolling them make sure this is actually relevant to their interests. 

League of Kitchens Online Class

League of Kitchen which previously gave cooking classes in person has shifted to an online platform now. In these classes, immigrant women mostly aged 50 or above teach you recipes from their own unique traditions of cooking food. In 2.5 hours a retiree can learn to make an Indian aloo paratha or a gnocchi al pesto with Mirta from Argentina. Check out these classes at this link.

A Netflix Subscription

Buying someone a Netflix subscription is a unique idea. Retirees have a lot of free time after they retire and getting to watch movies for free is the best idea for retirement. Check their website here.

Funny Retirement Gifts

Funny Custom Shirts 

Is your coworker or boss an absolute legend? This customized T-shirt may be the best thing for them. It is eco-friendly, unisex, and on top of that, funny! It’s a great way to show your retiree coworker or boss that they will be missed and you think of them as nothing less than a legend. Retirement gag gifts like this never go out of style.

A Funny Mug

A mug that says something funny or clever is always good to go. For instance, this mug is a hilarious way to let the retiree know they can do whatever they want to do now. 

Retired Business Cards

Retired business cards are another retirement gag gift. Imagine someone comes up to them for work and they hand them over this card. These cards are sure to spread laughter in your retiree friend’s life.

Retired Pillowcase

Delight a retiring coworker, a friend, or a boss with this comfy pillow with a vibrant print. This is a perfect gag retirement gift for a retiree who’s going to sleep alot now. Shop it at this link.

The Takeaway

Retirement parties are a great way of letting someone know they were once cherished and now that they’re leaving, they will be missed. It’s great to gift the retiree with something they can always remember you with. In this blog, we have listed various categories and types of gifts for you to choose from. Go gift these and see the retiree smile. Happy gifting!

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