The world is way different than how it was 2 months ago. Although adjusting to change takes time, we, at AttendanceBot are constantly striving to make sure you and your team stay safe.

While most of you must be working remotely, collaboration and human connection are important for building teams. It is necessary ever than before that you ensure the safety of your team members while doing amazing things.

Hence, we’ve made it easier for you to return to a safe workplace. Introducing new COVID19 features.

Covid19 new tab

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure the safety of your team members.

  • Ask employees to record whether they are working from the office or home each day by saying “work from the office today” or “working from home today”.
  • Track the people working from the office on your calendar.
  • Set up custom announcements on public channels so that team members know who is working from the office.
  • If someone falls sick, track who else was working from the office with them.
  • Set up morning reminders for team members to set their working locations for the day.

Try it out and prepare for the (new!) future of work.