The best time and attendance software is the one that makes tracking hours easier and simple for both employers and employees. However, tracking just time is half the story when it comes to managing the team. Making sure they are paid correctly and on time is the other half. All of this is possible when you’re using the right tool to track their time and their attendance. A good time and attendance software help with the process which is why you need one.

Listed below are 5 time and attendance software that you will love using. 


With AttendanceBot you get top-of-the-line time tracking software that is built to streamline your workload and automate routine actions. It’s incredibly easy to set up automated workflows.

AttendanceBot is a great time and attendance software and is the perfect tool for remote teams. It works from right inside Slack, MS Teams, and Google Chat. The best thing is that it adapts to your team’s needs as you see fit. 

For smaller teams, it can be a simple time tracking solution while if you are a bigger team that prefers more robust features, we have tiered software options. 

To start their days, your employees can clock in and clock out easily without you worrying about tracking the time spent on a task each day. Employees can get reminded to punch in and out as their day begins or ends. They can even set up automatic punch-outs after they have worked their day’s hours. 

In addition, you can generate timesheets with AttendanceBot within Slack or MS Teams. Easily download excel reports and get them delivered straight to your inbox. 

With AttendanceBot you can easily track the billable hours of your clients. Not just this, with this software you can also keep a record of time your employees spend on each task. 

Are you worried about employees working different shifts? AttendanceBot has you covered with that too. You can manage your employees’ schedules and even customize shifts for each member. AttendanceBot reminds your employees to clock in or out based on their shifts. 


  • AttendanceBot offers a 14-day free trial
  • Standard: $5/user/month or $4/user/month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $7.5/user/month or $6/user/month (billed annually) 
  • Enterprise: $15/user/month or $12/user/month (billed annually)

When I Work

When I Work facilitates clocking in and out via the app. To make sure employees are always efficient,  It also provides notifications to employees if they forget to log out. This in turn helps prevent misunderstandings and mistakes that can affect payroll.

When I Work offers an online time clock app with GPS for accurate clocking in and clocking out across devices. It helps you save time by tracking employee hours with easy-to-use time clock software.

Secondly, this software helps to manage shifts, organize overtime, approve time-off requests, and manage payroll. The software also comes with a communication platform right within the app where employees can talk about scheduling and shift availability. 

When I Work offers digital timesheets, payroll integrations, and labor reporting that help you manage your budgets efficiently. 

When I Work is the ultimate time clock app for small businesses. It’s easy to set up and use. The software helps small businesses save money on labor costs, increase employee accountability, and easily communicate with their teams. Plus, you can try every feature free for 14 days.


For small businesses, the pricing starts at $2 per user for up to 100 employees. 


Up next on the list of top saas time and attendance software is Deputy. Ditch chaotic paper timesheets. With Deputy, employees simply clock in and out of work. It also helps create an accurate digital timesheet. The software allows multiple roles, departments, and even locations to be managed from a single dashboard. 

Facial recognition software can be used to make sure that employees sign-in in a safe and secure way. This also helps to notify of any compliance issues. Using Deputy ensures that your timesheets are correct. Your staff can show they were in the right place, at the right time, with a GPS location stamp or facial recognition.

Managers can approve timesheets individually or in bulk. And they can export timesheets to your payroll software with just a click. 


The pricing works on a tiered structure, the cheapest plan begins at $2.50 and includes basic time and attendance services. The Premium tier offers all services. There is also a free trial available.


BambooHR is another great tool. Using this time and attendance software, employees punch in and out right on the BambooHR home screen or on their phones. They can edit their hours, and track the time they’ve worked on specific projects or tasks. Managers approve timesheets with just a tap and BambooHR keeps everyone up to date with automatic reminders. This time and attendance software comes with project tracking to help your business be more productive and efficient. 

Employees can log hours to specific categories like a project, client, location, or task. Plus, It’s super easy for you to create insightful reports to analyze resource distribution, billable vs. non-billable hours, time management with this software.

Forget about inaccurate payroll and skipped entries. BambooHR makes sure you stay on the top of your game. 

Also, did you know AttendanceBot integrates with BambooHR?


You need to request a custom pricing quote. 


This is one smart employee time tracking software. Its automatic time tracking lets you know where the team excels and where it needs help so you can easily improve individual and overall performance. 

Once you log in, a quick survey gauges your basic needs and then directs you to the plans that suit you best. Using this time and attendance software you can track user activity, monitor employees’ website and application usage, and set up distraction and time-use alerts. 

In addition to offering standard time and attendance features like time tracking, project tracking, and timesheet approvals, it also allows you to take screenshots of your employee’s devices. 

To help cut off distractions. TimeDoctor also alerts you whenever employees visit non-work-related websites. It also gives insights on who’s the best performer on the team. It syncs with more than 60 software.


TimeDoctor offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plan starts from just $7 per user per month

Choosing the Best Time and Attendance System For Your Business

The time and attendance software you choose should have the following features:


The time and attendance software should be able to do more than just track time. It should be able to integrate with all your favorite tools as well to minimize context switching and save time.

Should Suit Your Business Needs

Of course, you should look for software that meets your organizational needs and their size. If you currently have a smaller business now, make sure you choose a system that can scale with you as your business grows.

Customer Support is Important 

No matter which app you use, it should have great customer support at its end. A good time track app offers you extensive customer support and a few helping articles to help you start with. If you’re stuck at some point, you and your employees should be able to reach out to someone from the support team and fix the issue. 

At the end of the day, the software you choose should make things easier for you and run seamlessly. Keep in mind that it should be easy to use and suit your business requirements.