The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! 

The ho-ho-ho countdown has officially begun and we couldn’t be more excited. All around the world people look forward to snowy days, time off from work, having nothing to worry about, and just being surrounded by the people they love. Cold December nights and the Christmas vibes, a cup of hot chocolate, Mistletoe, and friends gathered are a few things to love about this time of the year. 

But things have been different ever since the pandemic hit us. The good news is that many people have now been vaccinated and we’re slowly getting back to our normal lives. The bad news however is that it isn’t over and we still need to take precautions. 

Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on Christmas.

In this article, we bring you several ideas for a virtual Christmas party for hybrid workforces. Doesn’t that sound fun? So let’s begin.

A Movie Marathon Virtual Christmas Party

Christmases are incomplete without some Christmas classic movies, right? Home Alone, The Holiday or even Harry Potter movies are a must for the holiday season. Almost any genre is great if you have friends to watch it with. And who says you need to have friends over to your place to watch them? You can do a movie marathon with your close ones while sitting on your couch. 

Here’s what you need to do-pick a movie on either Netflix or wherever you prefer and then use Teleparty to share it with everyone. Tada! Before you begin, grab your favorite snacks, throw a warm blanket around yourself and start the fun. A perfect movie marathon, that too while maintaining social distance. Now, isn’t that one of the greatest virtual Christmas party ideas?

Gift Swap Virtually

Although gift swapping game is much more fun in person you can play them virtually too. To play your favorite gift swap game virtually with colleagues, family, and friends you can use White Elephant Online or Secret Santa. 

Virtual Trivia Game Night

A Christmas-themed trivia game night is another great option. Fun trivia games always make the nights with friends more exciting. You can host a virtual trivia game night for the Christmas party on Zoom. Gather your friends and list down as many questions as you wish. Next, ask them to pick a category and ask everyone a question. 

Once everyone has thought of their answer, see the result and announce the winner. Even if someone fails to answer correctly, they will remember this trivia night for the rest of their life and cherish the laughter it came with.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Who would’ve thought we can play scavenger hunt even on Zoom, away from everyone? Of course, it’s possible! For our next virtual Christmas party idea, gather your friends, turn your cameras on and play the scavenger hunt. Tasks can be as simple as going to the kitchen, looking for a glass and drinking water, or a little hard like looking for a thing that has at least 4 colors. Remember to add a time limit in this game to make things exciting. All your friends can do this while leaving their cameras on, with one person supervising everyone. Great fun!

Movie Dubbing Game

For this virtual Christmas party, you and your friends will watch a movie on mute. What you will have to do is dub in the lines for the characters. Assign one character to each of your guests and then they take turns to portray their character. At the end of the game, see what story comes out as the dubbed version. This one may seem a little hard, but once you’re into it, it’s one of the most entertaining games you can ever play. 

Holiday Snack Christmas Party

Although this game is more fun in person, it can turn into a virtual Christmas game as well. Tell all your friends you’ll be having a virtual food party. For that everyone can bring their favorite food or snacks and all of you can have a virtual holiday snack Christmas party while keeping your cameras on. You can even plan games around your drinks. For example ‘never have I ever’ has always been a total fun game. Every time someone has done something, they take a sip. 

Gift Wrapping Christmas Party

You can do this on Zoom or you can invite your friends over. Christmas parties are bland without there being many colorful gifts. For this party, you can gather all the essentials, gift papers, ribbons, scissors, and everything else. 

Engage in lively conversation, enjoy drinks or snacks and make the best of this party. The fun totally increases if there’s light Jazz music playing. Those friends who would rather stay in their homes and not attend parties can join on video calls. 

Merry Christmas Playlists 

Can we all collectively agree that songs make everything better? Make your Christmas parties exuberant by deciding on a merry playlist. After all, it’s merry Christmas and we’ve got to make it merrier. For this virtual Christmas party, you and your friends can make a Spotify playlist of all your favorite Christmas songs like ‘Wham!’s Last Christmas’ or everyone’s favorite ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. Plus, Spotify has an amazing Christmas playlist that you can check out.

Virtual Karaoke 

Make things more fun by engaging in karaokes by sharing lyrics on screen. One of the best virtual Christmas games can be to play a line of a song and ask your friends to guess the next line. You can even play a tune and ask everyone to name the song.

‘All things Virtual’ Christmas Party

There are many sites that are built for you to watch videos, listen to songs, or go shopping with your friends online. For example, Watch2gether helps make every party interesting. For your virtual Christmas party, you can watch funny videos or cute cat videos. If anyone’s in a mood for cooking, they even see cooking videos online along with their friends. If it’s a girls’ party, you can look for cute stuff to buy online including makeup, and have a mini shopping haul.

Christmas Icebreaker Questions 

While video rooms are great and people have fun, running out of things to talk about is inevitable. For times like those and to prevent awkward team silences, icebreaker questions are a great remedy. When all your friends are online in the video room, and things start to get a bit boring, try the following Christmas icebreaker questions:

  • How do you spend your Christmas Eve?
  • Do you believe in Santa?
  • What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?
  • What’s the best one you ever received?
  • What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
  • What do the holidays remind you of?
  • What’s your favorite food to cook or eat at Christmas?

Christmas Stories Party

One thing about remote parties is that people participate from various places or even different countries. This can be a dedicated Christmas stories party and can be a great way of getting to know more about each other. For instance, you can ask your friends to describe what Christmas is like in their hometown or how they celebrate it. All of you can even share pictures and videos whatever suits you. and this is one of the best virtual Christmas party ideas.

Setting up the Christmas Tree Virtually

Next on our virtual Christmas party ideas is the tree. Since it’s a virtual Christmas party, chances are all of you are away from each other. In times like this, how one can set up a Christmas tree on their own can be a hard task, especially if you’ve no family around to help you. Being on a video call with friends can be a great support and motivation boost in this case. All of you can buy the essentials, lights, ornaments, and the tree. 

Next, pick up a YouTube tutorial that helps you put up the tree. Share the screen and follow the instructions. When you do that while being on the call, it will give you all the Christmassy vibes!

Virtual Christmas Dinner

This one is a fun idea! For this virtual Christmas party idea, you will need the help of a delivery service. Whatever you cook or bake, you can deliver it to your friends and family. To enjoy the feast all of you can set up a video call, sit at the table, grab your food, and talk like you’d normally do. In case that’s not possible, everyone can cook their favorite food or bake their favorite cookies and then virtually meet everyone. 

A Pictures Only Christmas Party

Christmas is all about laughter, memories, friendships, and family time. The best Christmas breaks involve lots and lots of photos. Be it your pet, your graduation photos, pictures of your babies, your old grandparents, your marriage, or other important people and events of your life, Christmas helps you cherish those memories once again. For this Christmas party idea, ask everyone to make an album of all their favorite photos and memories and then share them with the rest of you. You can open the photos on your laptop and then share the screen with everyone else. 

Get Spooky

No holiday break is ever complete without some spicy spooky horror stories, right? Christmas holidays are a great time to share all sorts of horror, ghost stories and send chills down the spines of everyone. For this Christmas party idea, a group call can be enough. However, the choice is all yours. You can snuggle up in your blanket, dim the lights, and turn your video on if that’s what you prefer. Another option can be to do a horror movie party for which one person can share their screen with the rest of your team.

Goody Bags are a Big Yes

Although most of us have grown up, the inner child inside us still loves the good old goody bags from our friends and family, right? No Christmas is ever complete without presents and therefore this should always be on your list. You can fill up the treat bags with various things like scented candles, lip balms, moisturizers, cute socks, snacks, stationery items, office accessories, or jewelry. 

Mail these gifts to your close friends and family, get everyone on the video call and see their smiling faces. This is one of the most wholesome Christmas party ideas for sure!

An Online Charity Drive Party

Giving always makes us happy and Christmas charity is always a great idea with a great cause. You can raise money during your virtual party by engaging in holiday games or you can encourage everyone to donate some balance to charity.

A Virtual Tour of the Celebrations

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights, the preparations, and the celebrations? I, for one, love seeing the beautifully lit towns, cities, and everyone’s homes and their Christmas trees. This Christmas party is based on that idea. Ask your friends to pick up their camera or phone, move around the city, and capture pictures or videos of the beauty around them. When almost all of you have gathered enough pictures, give each of your friends a turn at being a tour guide, sharing the screen, and elaborating on the images. Those people who’ve done a splendid job at their decorations can give you a tour of their own backyard.

All Set for the Virtual Christmas Party?

Although we’re slowly getting back to our old lives, having a full-fledged Christmas party can still be hard. However, you can still throw a wholesome virtual Christmas party with your friends, colleagues, or teammates, and have the best time of your lives. This was our list of some awesome virtual Christmas party ideas for you to choose from. Hope you enjoy playing some of these games. Happy holidays!