Remote working has become the new normal post the pandemic. Even though the flexible approach to work from home had begun a tad earlier than the pandemic, the transition accelerated only after. 

However, even though the world is slowly returning to normal, more employees want to keep working from home. If you’re wondering why, one of the most common reasons lies in the perks that this work trend entails. 

Whether you’re new to the concept of remote working or have implemented it in your organization already, make sure your list of perks includes the ones we’ve got for you today. 

1. Flexible Working Hours

When your employees work from their homes, you must stay considerate about their schedules. Many people have responsibilities at home such as elderly care or child care, which they need to attend to. 

Being an organization that cares about its employees, flexible work hours are one of the best perks you can offer. While everyone works in the defined work hours, you must keep meetings convenient for your team and flexible reports updates.

2. Technological Support

Your employees require adequate support in terms of technology to work efficiently from their homes. For most companies, this includes laptops, headphones, routers, and others. 

When your employees are working remotely, make sure that they receive this support from your organization. This will lead to seamlessness in work and reduced time dealing with hardware issues.

3. Workout Classes

Physical health impacts more than one area of work, which is why your employees must stay healthy and fit. One of the easiest things for your employees is offering them free online workout classes or sessions. This will motivate them to work out, stay healthy and be the best version of themselves.

4. Plant Subscriptions

Plant subscriptions can be another creative perk that your employees can get when working for you. It’s often difficult to take out time to go to a park or take an escapade to nature, which is why ordering plants for your team can be a good idea. 

Not only will it keep their air clean and purified but also help them gain positive vibes.

5. Childcare Benefits 

Employees, especially moms, have more than a few responsibilities when working from home. But, unfortunately, children are one of the most common reasons employees are often distracted and unproductive during work hours. 

Providing free childcare services to your employees will mean that you care for them and give them quality time to focus on work and life.

6. Food Coupons

Your employees deserve the best meal after a hard day of work. However, when working remotely, the best you can do is offer your employees a chance to order food from their favorite place at discounted prices or for free.

You can also consider providing digital food vouchers and meal cards to your remote employees.

7. Internet Reimbursement

Just like the technological support your employees need, they also need a stable internet connection to work efficiently. 

That’s why you should pay for your employees’ internet bills. If some of them have to make calls for you, make sure that you also offer to reimburse their phone bills.

8. Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning the house remains a big challenge when you’re working from home. Understanding this struggle, make sure your organization offers cleaning services as one of the most obvious perks to their remote employees.

If you can make things easy for them by helping them with such a small yet essential task, do it.

9. Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program 

A peer-to-peer recognition program helps employees bind together well. In a remote work culture, most new employees don’t meet. Similarly, with everything moving on to the virtual world, there is hardly any growth in interpersonal relationships. 

With a dedicated program in your office, colleagues can get to know each other and work more collaboratively. 

10. Healthcare Benefits

Being in an organization must guarantee an employee their healthcare services. Because of the remote culture, you can extend the nature of your healthcare benefits by adding services such as mental health care, dietician, among others. 

This can help attend to the changing employee needs and provide more comprehensive care.

11. Meditation App Subscription

Just like the body, the mind needs rest. Today’s meditation apps have a dedicated range of music to help people find peace and calm according to their preferred setting.

Let your organization offer a free subscription to such an app to your hard workers. 

Headspace is a great app that also provides corporate discounts to larger organizations.

12. Paid or Discounted Vacations

Who doesn’t love an all-paid vacation in return for the hard work done for their company? Free or at least discounted vacations can be a great incentive to work for your organization. 

Make sure you offer them to your employees as they continue to be loyal to your company by working in a remote environment. 

13. Cafe Subscription

Let your employees enjoy their favorite Starbucks coffee like a member, including discounts, occasional treats, and more. With food franchises expanding like no other, you can easily talk to one and avail their members for your employees. 

Offering perks and benefits to your remote employees can be one of the best things for your business. However, remember that they are the foundation of your company, which is why you must try to win their hearts with these simple yet brilliant ideas.

Although these are some great perks you can offer your remote employees, perhaps you could learn by example. Here is a list of the 25 companies with the best perks at work to inspire you even more.

This is a guest post by Springworks, a Santa Monica-based HR technology startup. They build intuitive products that simplify recruiting to help organizations engage and retain their employees.