2020 was the year when life took a turn for the worse. Everyone was and still is trying to live through the pandemic. One of the biggest lifesavers through all of this, however, has been humor. Whether in the form of sarcasm, standup gigs, memes, or even just an Office GIF, laughter is keeping us all afloat. Why shouldn’t the same be said of work? With most of us working remotely and Zoom calls becoming THE norm, humor can be brought to the fore on our screens as well. Zoom pranks and Zoom jokes are an excellent way to lighten the mood and create a better and healthier work atmosphere.

In this article, we will find out all about zoom pranks, zoom memes, examples of best office pranks from home, and what’s appropriate and what’s not. Working remotely can be a little lonely, but it need not be with strong communication channels with colleagues. 

Why Zoom Pranks?


Before we delve further into the article and figure out the how and what of it, it is essential to know why zoom pranks are even needed. In short, we need to explain how Zoom jokes and Zoom humor benefit the organization. Following are some of the common yet extremely crucial results of creating a fun vibe at work with office pranks via Zoom:

  • These activities contribute towards an overall better work environment
  • A better work environment keeps the employees happy and instills loyalty within them
  • This further increases their productivity and the retention rate
  • They are contributing towards better work culture and indirectly contribute to increased employee productivity
  • Zoom pranks and jokes break the ice, thus fostering better camaraderie within the employees of the team

Zoom pranks or Zoom humor may look like a dank effort to create a better work environment, but it is a fun way of doing so. With the right policies and conduct in place, zoom pranks lift the mood and create lasting memories.

Zoom pranks, Zoom fun, or just pranks, in general, have the space to go horribly wrong. Thus, it is essential to keep certain codes and ethics in mind before planning and pulling off any Zoom pranks, no matter how entertaining or funny. One has to remember that office pranks that are pulled off at the cost of another are just mean tricks. Such funny office pranks are not funny, and they end up doing more harm than good. Thus, certain guidelines must be in place so that the Zoom pranks do what they are supposed to; lighten up the work environment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, which will help you know what to avoid while planning and executing Zoom pranks.

  • Do not pick on people and absolutely do not venture into bullying. Taking advantage of someone’s mental health shortcomings should never be a part of Zoom pranks and is not funny. 
  • Do not conduct Zoom pranks and activities that cause constant disruptions. Zoom pranks or Zoom memes are meant to create a work environment that enhances productivity rather than disrupting it. 
  • Do not in any way cross the line. As part of the human resource team, monitor such Zoom pranks and make sure that the employees follow the line of hierarchy. Even if the organization follows a lateral system, certain unspoken codes should not be broken
  • Do not create a panic-like situation. Zoom pranks or Zoom humor is required to lighten up the atmosphere and not fire it up to create panic.

The list above is by no means exhaustive. These are just some ethical codes that stem out of common sense. Do ensure that the office pranks, whether Zoom pranks or even offline ones, do not create an unnecessary stir and serve the purpose of creating a better and brighter future for the organization. 

What Zoom Pranks Can you Pull off to Make your Remote Working Interesting?

zoom pranks

Well, if there already are pranksters in the team, you do not need to do much. These folks are pretty efficient as far as office pranks are concerned, and online pranks via Zoom should not be complicated. 

Just ensure that they know their boundaries. The idea of Zoom fun or Zoom play should be such that everyone has a good time. Here are some crackling ideas to get you going. 

Zoom Jokes Idea #1
Grab that Screen

Imagine what would be the reaction of your colleagues if they suddenly see two of you on the screen. Well, that may be a network glitch, but often, it is just plain spooky. 

Start by taking a screenshot of your Zoom screen with you in it and set it as your Zoom background. Then, while your unsuspecting colleagues sit and discuss their day and meetings, casually come in with your cup of tea. Watch them spill their tea! You can also record footage of you sitting and doing usual stuff so that no suspicion is aroused.

Quite a double role you will have, at the harmless expense of your colleagues. This is one fantastic Zoom prank that is a shocker every time.

Zoom Jokes Idea #2
Muted Talks

This one’s a pretty simple prank for some Zoom fun. All you have to do is mouth what you wish to say, without making a noise. This will give the illusion of you being mute. 

It will indeed create disarray for some time, with participants confused about the matter. Harmless and effective, this trick works every time. However, ensure that you don’t pull off this Zoom prank too many times, or else no one will take you seriously when you have an actual mute glitch.

Zoom Jokes Idea #3
Faux Filter Creation

Zoom has a multitude of fun filters. Instead of using an actual filter, create a physical replica of the filter; a hat, or something else. Wear the hat and sit during the meeting normally, and let participants point out and wonder if you have probably left a filter on by accident.

Or if you have remarkably staid colleagues who wouldn’t point out the error. Ask them how to ‘remove the filter’ because now that you have it on, you just do not know how to get rid of it. Watching them struggle to come up with ways to rid you of the filter is going to be five fun minutes.

Zoom Jokes Idea #4
Who Let the Dog Out?

Do you or any of your employees have a pet at home? This is the one for them. All the person has to do is log in and put the pet in front of them so that the limbs are not visible. Thus, while the employee is speaking normally and responding to the queries, it’s their pet dog, cat, or any other animal, whose face is present in the meeting.

This is one of those Zoom pranks that will have people smiling and will not waste much time.

Zoom Jokes Idea #5
Disconnect, Reconnect

This one is sneaky. This is one of those Zoom pranks wherein you can pretend to be absent and maybe get to hear a random conversation or comment about you. Maybe, there won’t be any. But those few minutes of hassle would be worth it. All you have got to do is rename your id to ‘reconnecting…’ This will ensure that all your colleagues see is a reconnecting signal, with you paused. They will be shouting instructions to bring you back, as you are just cracking a Zoom prank.

Zoom Jokes Idea #6
Freeze Up

In the middle of the meeting, pretend to freeze. Alternatively, freeze mid-sentence. Ensure that no one walks through the door, or else your farce would be over before you started. Continue this for a few minutes before disclosing that this was, indeed, just a Zoom play.

Zoom Jokes Idea #7
Word Squeeze

This will require a bunch of employees and not just one person. Prepare a list of random words and ask people to include them in their sentences while they converse during the meeting. Ensure that there are 4 to 5 people in on this prank, while the remaining few are clueless. The key is not to react when the words drop-in. The unknowing colleagues would be clueless, trying to understand and make sense of the speech. This word squeeze will surely be one of the funniest Zoom pranks.

Zoom Jokes Ideas #8

Zoom calls have an interesting function, which can often embarrass people too. And that is, the capability to catch the slightest sound and highlight the particular person’s chatbox. This is a good Zoom humor scenario.

However, ensure that the other person, or the recipient of the message, is someone who can take this office prank in good humor. Here the sender has to record a message (no abuses or slurs, just harmless jokes) and send it to the other person, saying that it is a crucial meeting requisite while every participant is online. When the recipient would play it, it would be nothing but a funny noise, such as a fart noise, or likewise—a few moments of genuine respite from dull company affairs.

Do you Need Zoom Pranks as a Part of your Office?

Well, yes. Pranks and humor are imperative to keep employees engaged. While one has to consider the fact that these Zoom pranks should not be offensive, these tiny bits of humor should be a part of organizational meetings to ensure that employees are still connected during remote work. The more people can horse around, the better they work with each other. Thus, there are lesser ego clashes and better teamwork, which is good for the organization.

Have your teams pulled Zoom pranks on each other? What are some of the funniest ones that you have experienced to date? Do tag us and let us know at @HarmonizeHQ.