Organizations should understand the relevance of job requisition in the recruitment process. Recruitment plays a vital role in the success and growth of an organization. But, unessential recruitment may add to the costs and inflate the budget of an organization. Hence, the human resource department needs a job requisition to examine the relevant requirement of new employees in the organization.

Job Requisition Meaning

It is of paramount importance to comprehend what is a job requisition for effective recruitment. If a manager feels the team is overburdened, he might fill the job requisition form. The manager informs the higher authorities about the need to build up or add to the team through a job requisition. A job requisition requests the management to create a new vacancy in an organization. It is a formal request for a new hire.

Employees are the core strength and building blocks of an organization. Skilled and committed employees lay the foundation of successful organizations. So, it is critical to acquire the best talent for an organization. A job req states why there is a need for the new employee. It entails the role and responsibilities of the new position along with the working hours and if it is a part-time or a full-time position. It also mentions whether the new position would be temporary or permanent. The form could be filled either online or in physical format. It is sent for approval to the senior managers involved or the HR department.

Job Requisition in the Recruitment Process

The process of recruitment begins with recruitment requisition or popularly called, job requisition. It is primarily the first step in recruitment.

Steps of the Recruitment Process

  1. Filling Job Req Form
  2. Intake of Vacancy
  3. Deciding the Selection Method
  4. Searching Candidates
  5. Selecting Deserving Employees
  6. Hiring Decision
  7. Onboarding of Employees

New Hire Justification Example


If an organization is growing and expanding its scale of operations, there arises a need for new employees. For instance, if the production manager feels that the team should have additional employees, he would fill an employee requisition form and mention his reasons for the request, justifying the need for the employees. Organizations hire more employees to meet their increased production targets.

The HR department or the concerning authorities would review the HR requisition form. They would analyze the pros and cons of hiring a new employee. They have to be reasonably convinced that the employee would improve the performance and meet the objectives. The recruitment process then starts once the requisition for hire gets approved.

Job Requisition V/s Job Description V/s Job Posting

Job requisition, job description, and job posting are related to each other but are different in meaning. People often find these terms confusing and ambiguous. HR professionals must have a clear understanding of how they differ.

Job Requisition

A job requisition is an internal document that urges the management to recruit new employees. It is a formal request regarding hiring a new employee from a supervisor to the higher authorities. A job req form contains the need for the new employee. If the management agrees with the supervisor and approves the form, the recruitment of a new employee takes place. The requisition remains an open requisition till it is not closed by the management. The status of an open req is active till the closing date. Job requisition kickstarts the recruitment process in the organization.

Job Description

A job description mentions the responsibilities to be undertaken by the new employee. It states the desired qualification and the skills for the new position. A job description describes the job in detail, such as what kind of work the employee would perform and what capabilities he should have accordingly. It is an internal document. A recruiter writes the job description for a new position. The recruiter must explain and elaborate on the duties of the employee.

Job Posting

A job posting is the advertisement of a job. It is the text meant for potential candidates to understand and apply suitably. Based on the contents of a job description, It is an external document written with an appeal to attract the desired candidates. A recruiter writes the job posting for a newly created position.

HR departments must know job requisition v/s job description v/s job posting and use it appropriately for their organization.

Key Elements of a Job Requisition Form

A job req should have the following contents:

Job Requisition Number

A requisition number is a serial number or the reference number for the employee requisition form.

Job Title

While filling the job justification form, the supervisor must write the title for the new position. The title defines the nomenclature.


A job requisition states the department names like Marketing, Finance, Production, for which the position gets created.

Hiring Manager

It also includes the name and contact details of the hiring manager.


The goal for the creation of the new position.

Reason for Job Requisition

The manager should state the reason for hiring a new employee. It could be an existing position left vacant due to promotion, transfer, retirement, or leave of the current employee. It could also be a newly created position due to the expansion of the organization.


A job requisition also mentions the approximate remuneration of the new employee. It is essential to state the salary range within the allocated budget so that the management can decide.

Date of Starting the Job

It should contain the proposed date for starting the job.

Weekly Hours

A job requisition should also mention the number of hours the employee would work in a week. The job can either be full-time or part-time.

Tenure of the Job

The manager should also mention the time duration of the new position. It includes whether it would be a temporary position or a permanent one.

Type of Contract

According to the tenure of the job, a job requisition mentions the contract type. If the job position is temporary, it would indicate a temporary contract of a contractual worker.


A job req also mentions the qualification required to perform the job.


A job requisition form also mentions the budget for the job. It states how much an organization would spare for the job.

Significance of Recruitment Requisition

Accurate and Effective Job Postings

A well-written job requisition lays the foundation of effective job postings. An HR requisition provides information regarding the need and nature of the job with the required skills and qualifications. It helps the HR managers to draft an attractive job posting to draw the maximum number of desired candidates.

Record of Postings

Employee requisition also tracks the number of job postings made by the organization. The HR department can record the number of vacancies created based on the job req.

Evaluation of Recruitment Efforts

Organizations can assess the efficiency of the recruitment process based on job requisitions. Organizations can find out the time taken by the recruitment team to fill the vacancies created by approved job requisitions.


Job requisitions serve as important documents that can be used in the future. Job requisition forms are crucial for HR audits as well. They ensure that the organization complies with the HR regulations.

Outsourcing Decision

The organization can decide on outsourcing the recruitment based on the number of job requisitions. If an organization needs to hire numerous candidates, it might consider outsourcing the function of recruitment.

Writing Effective Job Requisition

An effective job requisition includes all the necessary details about the job position. Writing a job justification can be a daunting task. A well-thought-out and carefully written job requisition helps the HR department to recruit the ideal candidate for the job. The following steps would serve to write an impactful job req:

State the Need

The first thing is to state the need for the new position. The manager must explain the purpose of the new position. He should specify how the new employee would contribute to the growth of the organization and also describe the advantages of hiring a new employee.

Be Convincing

Next they should draft a job req that is convincing. It should state clearly how the organization would profit if the employee is hired.

Include the Duties of the Position

The manager should also explain the role and responsibilities of the new employee, helping the higher authorities to ascertain the worth of the position.

Realistic Approach

The manager should have a pragmatic approach while writing a job req. He should be realistic regarding the start date, schedule, budget, and tenure of the position.

Seek Feedback and Support

As the last step, the manager should also take feedback from other departments. The related departments should support the need for the job position and be agreeable on the matter.

Job Requisition Sample

Requisition form

Requisition Form

Job Requisition Number: 1205
Position Title: Accounts manager
Name of the Department: Finance
Start Date: 01/01/2021
Purpose of the Role: To maintain the accounts of the Organization. To prepare the cash-book, ledger, financial statements, audit report, etc
Duration of the Position: Full-time
Nature of Contract: Permanent
Requisition Reason: Transfer
Qualifications: M.Com, Have a sound knowledge of preparing the accounts
Skills: Knowledge of MS Excel, Access, and Tally, adept in preparing the financial reports
Experience: One year experience in a relevant field
Budget: Sufficient Budget


Hiring Manager Name and Signature

Approving Manager Name and Signature


An effective job requisition is quintessential for easy approval by the higher authorities. A manager must devote time and write an employee requisition defining the urgent need for the position. The need for the new employee must contribute positively to organizational success.

It should be in tandem with the vision and mission of the organization. The HR department would carry out a cost-benefit analysis of hiring a new employee. The job req should ensure that the benefits must exceed the cost of the employee to the organization. A job requisition aims to develop a robust and all-encompassing recruitment strategy.