It’s that time of the year! Every time we hear this, there’s a smell of cakes and carols in the year. Christmas may be quite a few months away, but it doesn’t hurt to plan in advance, right? It would be time to exchange the Secret Santa gifts and be in the mood for all things merry, at work. After all, Christmas is all about celebrating the joy of gifting, why should offices be barred from it?

The workplace is where its inhabitants, the employers, employees, and all the others involved, spend the majority of their days. Work families are real. And so, why shouldn’t their celebrations be? Secret Santa gifts bring alive traditions and celebrations in a happy format.

In this article, we will tell you all about how to conduct the same at the workplace in the best possible manner, along with some of the most exciting Secret Santa ideas for work. Read on.

What are the Ground Rules for Sending Secret Santa Gifts at Work?

How does Secret Santa work in professional spaces? This is a question that often haunts everyone. Well, by ensuring that certain ground rules are followed. Because, even though work families are kind of real, one has to remember the difference between personal and professional and not cross the line. And it is your responsibility to make sure this does not happen. It has to be ensured that everyone gets the best Secret Santa gifts possible, within the professional boundaries and everyone has a good time. Here are some Secret Santa rules that need to be kept in mind.

Encourage Participation

Ensure that everyone knows about the Secret Santa gifts exchange and no one is left out. However, the keyword here is ‘ensure.’ Do encourage people to participate but do not force them. It is a cause for celebration and not a meeting. Not everyone is comfortable exchanging gifts at work. Give them Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, suggest the best gifts for coworkers, coax, but do not force.

Instill Graciousness

There are all kinds of people at work. From polite to pretentious, there is a variety. And it is normal. After all, it is not possible to have so many people under one roof and not expect a few sparks. However, this is a festive occasion and it would not do well if someone gets hurt emotionally. Thus, in curt and professional terms, explain the sensitivities attached to Secret Santa gifts. Convey that it’s the feeling that matters, more than the gift itself.

Minimize Mean Attitudes

If enough graciousness is instilled, it will surely minimize the mean streak in some of the employees. Ensure that no one goes to the extent of talking ill about the gifts they have received, not within the office premises, at least.

No Personal Gifts

While being mean and ungracious is one extreme side of the balancing pole at workplaces, the other one is that of over-friendliness. Not everyone is comfortable with overly friendly gestures, even when it comes to Secret Santa gifts. Thus, convey in subtle terms that the gifts are to be strictly generic and nothing personal. Of course, friends can have their own gifting party outside the organization. But for the office, Secret Santa rules should be followed.

Set Themes

There is always ample scope for making things more interesting. One of the best Secret Santa ideas for work can be by creating theme-based parties. While most of the organizations go for Christmas color themes of red and white, you can add your own twist. For example, a Disney theme if everyone is up for it, or even a Snow-clad one wherein the office itself is decorated with faux snow and more chills for better effect. The true Christmas vibes should shine through, after all.

Secret Santa Meet-up

After Secret Santa gifts have been exchanged and wowed over, there should be a fixed time wherein everyone should meet the coworkers who gifted them such wonderful stuff. It can be a meet and greet of sorts where coworkers across departments and ranks meet and mingle.

Secret Santa rules are pretty basic if you look at it. However, since these are not the rules of any meeting and are rather, just celebrations, these are more suggestions than stringent codes of conduct. It is upon you as to how persuasive and creative you can be with your words and communication so that employees follow it when they think of Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Well, you have decided to conduct a Secret Santa gifts exchange this year. You have also laid down the relevant Secret Santa rules. Now, what about gifts? Not everyone is a pro at choosing the best generic gift, in the absence of the right direction. Thus, something needs to be done with regards to Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers. Here are some that you can float around either to everyone or to those who come seeking your help. However, remember that good Secret Santa gifts come with well-intentioned feelings. No matter what it is, it’s the feelings that matter.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas $1: Printed Socks

secret santa gifts

Why not? Socks are traditional, it is wintertime, and Santa loves socks too! You can get any generic yet cute pattern printed, depending on the personality and the taste of the person. If you know the taste of the person in concern, with respect to either food or cinema, you can even get the pattern personalized accordingly.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #2: Printed Pencils

Is your giftee a hoarder of stationery? Printed pencils can be the best gift for them. For instance, if they are a Harry Potter fan, get the pencils engraved with spells, pair it with a Harry Potter notebook, and watch them trip over what is going to one of the best Secret Santa gifts they have ever received.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #3: Waterproof Notepads

Know someone who would appreciate stationery with a bit of quirk? This is the perfect gift. AquaNotes waterproof notepads can even be used in the shower, and well, we all know that the brightest minds often click while taking a shower.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #4: Mobile Sauce

If the giftee is someone who loves adding sauce to any dish whatsoever, this portable sauce keychain is a two-in-one product that they will absolutely love and leave no chance to flaunt. Pick this one up for sure. It is one of the quirkiest Secret Santa gifts.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #5: Dry Erase Sheets

Think of it as a portable whiteboard. This is one of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers who love to ideate and organize on spot. This can be used for both professional and personal purposes.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #6: Wine Infused Coffee

The question is not why. The question is why not? If the giftee is someone who enjoys wine and coffee in equal measures, this is a tasty combination of both that will definitely get conversations rocking.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #7: Plants

secret santa gifts

There are those coworkers who are absolutely in love with their plants. In fact, their plants are like their children. They love and nourish for them similarly. Giving a unique plant is one of the good Secret Santa gifts.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #8: Smartphone Projector

This one’s a little indulgent, but if there is someone who enjoys watching movies and would not mind doing the same during break times at work, this little piece of making your phone a portable cinema piece, is the best.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #9: Leather Mouse Pad

Mousepads are useful and wear out really fast. This is a generic yet thoughtful gift. It gives the user a soft surface to navigate the mouse and stays the test of time. Something to amp up the professional life.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas #10: Insulated Water Bottle

Everybody drinks water. In fact, forgetting to hydrate oneself while at work is a disservice to the body. This is a great way to remind the giftee to hydrate themself. These come in various colors and patterns too.

Do you Need to Conduct a Secret Santa gifts Exchange at Work?

Who does not crave a little fun and frolic at work? Secret Santa gifts are a way of celebrating the same. So yes, you do need it to break the ice during the festive season so that the employees go back home with big smiles on their faces.

How do you conduct Secret Santa gifts exchange at your workplace? Do share with us at @HarmonizeHQ