An employee directory is a highly useful piece of software for businesses. Much like the phone books from the olden days, an employee directory contains information on all of the employees in a company, including their names, roles, contact details, and more. This makes it easy for employees to find and connect with each other, which can be especially helpful for those who work remotely or in teams that are spread out across different departments or locations.

Today, employee directory software is usually located in the cloud as a single database that is secure and accessible to all authorized users. Additionally, this software often integrates with various other productivity and collaborative apps, making it easier than ever before to stay connected and get work done effectively. Whether you are an employee looking for your colleagues or a manager trying to keep track of everyone on your team, company directory software can be a valuable tool for any business.

What Should An Employee Directory Include?

One of the main functions of an employee directory is to act as a catalog of information about the people who are employed at a company. This can include basic contact information, such as their name, email address, and phone number, but it can also include more detailed data like their job title, department or team, location, birth date, and employment date.

The most basic requirement for an employee directory is that it lists the names and contact information of employees. This should be searchable and easy to access by anyone who has permission to view the directory (i.e., other employees). In addition to those details, which are required for all directories, there are several other features that enhance an employee directory’s functionality or make it easier for employees to find the information they need.

Additional Features Employee Directory Should Have

Here are some optional features that may or may not be important to your organization but are nice to have:

Interest/Hobby Section

One of the most important features any employee directory software can have is an interest or hobby section. It gives employees a chance to share a little bit more about themselves, and it can be a great way to start building connections with your co-workers. Even something as simple as having everyone share their favorite book or movie on your staff directories can help you get to know each other better.

User Manual

Another feature that’s useful for getting to know your colleagues is a user manual—an informal list of things they like and don’t like, as well as how they work best. For example, if they’re trying to focus on a specific project and don’t want to be interrupted, they could add that note to their user manual. Or if they love discussing ideas over lunch, they could leave that information there, too.

Ice Breaker Section

It’s nice to have this feature on your directory software. An icebreaker section is also helpful for fostering connections between employees. This could include something as simple as what their go-to karaoke song is or how many siblings they have; you don’t always need deep questions for people to start opening up about themselves!

Projects They’re Working On

Finally, it’s nice to have a section on your employee directories where employees can share what projects they’re working on at the moment—this lets people know what each team member has been focusing on lately and allows them to offer.

Employee Directory AB

5 Best Employee Directory Software for 2022


AttendanceBot enables companies to easily stay organized and access essential employee information at the touch of a button. One of its key features is the ability to quickly retrieve employee profiles using the “profile @username” command. 

This allows you to easily access basic contact information, such as name, email address, and phone number, as well as more detailed data like job title, department or team, location, birth date, and employment date. 

Whether you are looking to update employee records or simply want to learn more about your co-workers, AttendanceBot is the perfect tool for gathering all the information you need in one convenient place. 

AttendanceBot Employee Directory Fields: 

  • Department
  • Work location and map
  • Local time
  • Birthday
  • Tshirt Size

Employee DirectoryBitrix24

As your organization grows, it gets harder and harder to keep up with the who’s who. With Bitrix24’s searchable employee directory, you can type in a name, department, or role and get your results in no time. 

You can set filters to narrow your search down to a position, department, or expertise and find who you need that way.

Bitrix24 combines employee directory software with all kinds of communication features, from instant messaging and email to phone calls and video calls. So whether it’s just a quick message about a project you’re working on or a department-wide meeting, you’ve got the tools you need.


Pingboard’s team directory makes it easier than ever for them to learn about, find, and connect with each other. An employee’s profile shows the basics, like their email address and phone number, but you can customize what else they share, like Myers-Briggs type, desk location, “how to pronounce my name,” and more.

Your staff directory and employee profiles are filled with rich data that helps your team stay engaged and connected. Aside from all of the interesting info they choose to share, when you look at someone’s profile, you’ll see recognition from peers, what groups or teams they belong to, their reporting chain, and any upcoming milestones.

One Directory

Empower your teams with a more connected workplace with this employee directory app. OneDirectory is a visual employee directory that’s fast and easy to use, whether you’re an organization of 50 or 50,000.

OneDirectory brings fast, visual people search to your organization. Search your entire corporate directory in a split second. Then explore the results in powerful ways, with smart tags, group tiles, beautiful profile cards, and responsive list views. It’s unlike any employee directory software you’ve used before.


Connecteam is a feature-rich employee directory software:

  • Advanced search – quickly find who you’re looking for by searching via name, role, branch, department, location, birthday, or anything else in a user’s profile.
  • Mobile-first directory – an easy way to communicate from one place and in seconds.
  • Advanced settings – decide who appears in the directory and which profile attributes are visible.
  • Connecteam has more than just an employee directory software, it also features media sharing, social posts, updates, surveys, a suggestion box, and more.

Choosing the best employee directory software is no easy feat due to a large number of available options. Instead, highlight a few key factors that you consider most important, and then begin your search for the top employee directory software. The suggestions above should be a good starting point for your research.