Covid-19 office

Create a safe workplace for employees
during Covid-19

Microsoft Teams

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Absence and leave management for teams

AttendanceBot makes the workplace safe for your team

And does it all with the ease of everything done inside your team messenger.

Absence Management

Let people record when they are
working from the office

People can record when they are going to the office with
AttendanceBot. Manage and approve who goes to the
office every day. Ensure the people who come to the
office are healthy.

Set up capacities and track who is
working from office

Track your capacity limits. Keep your team safe by
managing who goes to the office. If someone reports
sick, you’ll be able to track who else was working with
them in the office.

Get automatic summary announcements everyday
Absence Management

Reminders for team members to
select their working location every day

Team members can select whether they are working from
home or the office every morning. By ensuring a specific
number of team members are in the office each day,
teams can maintain a healthy physical distance.

Analytics and reporting

Track and manage who is working from the
office each day on your calendar and
download reports for offline analysis

Get automatic summary announcements everyday

Help your team return to work safely
during the coronavirus (COVID-19)
pandemic with AttendanceBot.

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