Microsoft Teams? Awesome, right? It’s lightweight, it’s free, and integrates with all the other apps you already use. You can use it just for meetings or video calls with clients. And the best part is that it’s already built into your Office 365 subscription! Teams is a wonderful collaboration platform that makes communicating, collaborating, and discussing with your team members easier. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Today, it is arguably the most popular collaboration platform among enterprise users. 

You’ve been using Microsoft Teams for a while now and have memorized all of its bells and whistles. That’s great! But have you taken the time to learn all of its keyboard shortcuts? Because they are all the rage!

These Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts are easy to learn and they will save you time. In this blog post, we will discuss and explore some useful Microsoft Teams shortcuts and tips.

Shortcuts for Meetings

Microsoft Teams Unmute Shortcut:

  1. Ctrl + shift + M – Mute/unmute yourself
  2. Ctrl + shift + O – Turn on/off your camera

Shortcuts for Chatting and Collaborating

  1. Ctrl + N – Start a new chat
  2. Ctrl + O – Attach a file

Shortcuts for Chats, Teams, Calls, and Searching Information:

  1. Ctrl + 1+ 2 + 3 – Navigate up and down the left navigation rail. (i.e. Ctrl + 1 = Activity feed; Ctrl +2 = Chat; Ctrl + 3 = Teams etc.)
  2. Ctrl + E – Quick access to the search bar at the top of Teams.

To Insert An Emoji

  1. :word – Type a colon “:” immediately followed by a word to discover additional emojis (e.g. :person or :pencil)

To Show Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to view other shortcuts, the user can Type Ctrl + . to see all of them or click on your profile in the top right-hand corner and click keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft teams

General Shortcuts

FeatureShortcut for DesktopShortcut for Web App
Show keyboard shortcutsCtrl+Period (.)Ctrl+Period (.)
Go to SearchCtrl+ECtrl+E
Show commandsCtrl+Slash (/)Ctrl+Slash (/)
Open filterCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Open apps flyoutCtrl+Accent (`)Ctrl+Accent (`)
Start a new chatCtrl+NLeft Alt+N
Open SettingsCtrl+Comma (,)Ctrl+Comma (,)
Open HelpF1Ctrl+F1
Zoom inCtrl+Equals sign ( = )No shortcut
Zoom outCtrl+Minus sign (-)No shortcut
Reset zoom levelCtrl+0No shortcut

Shortcuts for Messaging

FeatureShortcut for DesktopShortcut for Web App
Start a new conversationAlt+Shift+CAlt+Shift+C
Go to compose boxAlt+Shift+CAlt+Shift+C
Expand compose boxCtrl+Shift+XCtrl+Shift+X
Send (expanded compose box)Ctrl+EnterCtrl+Enter
Start new lineShift+EnterShift+Enter
Reply to a threadAlt+Shift+RAlt+Shift+R
Mark as importantCtrl+Shift+ICtrl+Shift+I
Search current chat/channel messagesCtrl+FCtrl+F

Shortcuts for Calls and Meetings

FeatureShortcut for DesktopShortcut for Web App
Accept video callCtrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A
Accept audio callCtrl+Shift+SCtrl+Shift+S
Decline callCtrl+Shift+DCtrl+Shift+D
Start audio callCtrl+Shift+CCtrl+Shift+C
Start video callCtrl+Shift+UCtrl+Shift+U
End audio callCtrl+Shift+HNo shortcut
End video callCtrl+Shift+HNo shortcut
Temporarily unmuteCtrl+SpacebarNo shortcut
Announce raised hands

(screen reader)

Raise or lower your handCtrl+Shift+KCtrl+Shift+K
Start screen share sessionCtrl+Shift+ENo shortcut
Toggle videoCtrl+Shift+ONo shortcut
Filter current listCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F


Go to sharing toolbarCtrl+Shift+SpacebarCtrl+Shift+Spacebar
Decline screen shareCtrl+Shift+DNo shortcut
Accept screen shareCtrl+Shift+ANo shortcut
Admit people from lobby notificationCtrl+Shift+YNo shortcut
Toggle background blurCtrl+Shift+PNo shortcut
Schedule a meetingAlt+Shift+NAlt+Shift+N
Go to current timeAlt+Period (.)Alt+Period (.)
Go to previous day/weekCtrl+Alt+Left arrow keyCtrl+Alt+Left arrow key
Go to next day/weekCtrl+Alt+Right arrow keyCtrl+Alt+Right arrow key
View dayCtrl+Alt+1Ctrl+Alt+1
View workweekCtrl+Alt+2Ctrl+Alt+2
View weekCtrl+Alt+3Ctrl+Alt+3
Save/send meeting requestCtrl+SCtrl+S
Join from meeting detailsAlt+Shift+JAlt+Shift+J
Go to suggested timeAlt+Shift+SAlt+Shift+S

The Microsoft Teams team has done a stellar job with such a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts that can help you get more done faster. In this article, we gathered all these Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts so that you can boost your productivity even more. We hope you found this list of MS Teams keyboard shortcuts useful. 

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