How a B2B SaaS company found a modern solution for their global workforce

Figured is a New Zealand born SaaS company that builds farm financial management software. They help agricultural focused advisors in farm banking and accountancy by providing insights into the business of agriculture to better enable farms themselves to thrive and become sustainable for future generations.

Discover how AttendanceBot helped Figured innovate internally to enable their growing global workforce stay aware of their colleagues and project team work schedules.

The Objective

As Figured became more global, expanding regional offices into Australian, UK, and US markets, with simultaneous transition to hybrid work, their highly communicative culture became strained because team members could no longer eyeball colleagues in the office, or even tell who was around, out sick, or on extended leave. Given their focus on innovation, Figured needed a lightweight tool that enabled smoother communication and administration of time off.


Having it plug into Slack is a game changer -
staff don't need to log into ANOTHER tool to punch or request leave.

Zainab Al-anbuky,
Chief People Officer

The Solution

AttendanceBot was not only the least effort method for communicating time off, but was critically native to Slack, meaning Figured’s Slack workspace would continue to be the singular focus for when and where communication happened. AttendanceBot gave Figured all the efficiency and admin they needed, while offering employees the modern, innovative tools they expected.

The Result

In 2017, Figured adopted AttendanceBot achieved three huge goals


Figured eliminated the pernicious question “who’s in today” and “when do they get back?” Instead, teams got daily or weekly reminders about important absences for their projects and departments, and made sure deliverables were on time and unblocked.


What once required manual maintenance and high-touch data gathering was now instantaneous from within Slack. Figured gave their admins across departments access on-demand to the data and reporting they needed to drive better decision making.


AttendanceBot removed hours and hours of overhead from day one, creating a training-free, intuitive process where once existed a burdensome, manual entry and approval process.

Features used

Apply leave

Apply + approve menus
in Slack, showing balances and conflicts

Channel announcement

Channel announcements for upcoming leave and
punch statuses

Instant Report

Instant report exports
directly in Slack, along with automatic Slack statusing

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