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For teams that need effortless tracking & visibility basics




per user per month paid annually

All the Essentials

  • Time tracking & editing

  • Custom leave types & approvals

  • Hybrid statusing & planning

  • Real-time reports

  • Calendar integration

  • Robust reminders, notifications, and announcements


For organizations that value automation and admin controls




per user per month paid annually

Everything in Standard +

  • Custom workweeks and overtime

  • Leave accruals and balances

  • Live status board

  • Timesheet approvals

  • Project, Task, & Client Tracking

  • Shift rostering & employee scheduling


For enterprises that prioritize robust, tailor-made simplicity




per user per month paid annually

Everything in Pro +

  • Dedicated CSM

  • Priority support

  • Custom reports

  • Advanced permissions

  • Time-off-in-lieu, probation, and location-based rules


For teams that need effortless tracking & visibility basics




per user per month

All the Essentials

  • Time tracking & editing

  • Hybrid statusing

  • Custom leave types & approvals

  • Real-time reports

  • Robust reminders, notifications, and announcements


For organizations that value automation and admin controls




per user per month

Everything in Standard +

  • Overtime and live punch board

  • Hybrid policy & office capacity

  • Leave accruals and quotas

  • Advanced & scheduled reports

  • Integrations (calendars, payroll)

  • Powerful shift rostering & employee scheduling


For enterprises that prioritize robust, tailor-made simplicity




per user per month

Everything in Pro +

  • Dedicated CSM

  • Priority support

  • Time-off-in-lieu, probation, and sub-groups

  • Custom reports

  • Advanced permissions

  • Shift templates, signups, and swaps


Microsoft Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

AttendanceBot is free for teams that have upto 5 users.
When your team crosses 5 users, you will be asked to subscribe to a plan of your choice for all your users.
Everything .
Everyone starts on the Pro plan so that you can try all of the features.
No credit card required to start trying AttendanceBot!
Annual plans saves you 20% on the fees. Plus you get priority support and extra love from us!
Yes. AttendanceBot is a pay-as-you-go service so you can upgrade, downgrade at any time.
We do. Just reach out to us at We will take it from there.
Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you are not happy with AttendanceBot (which we assure you is not possible), just let us know within the first 60 days and we will refund your money. We cannot offer any refunds (including prorated refunds) after 60 days or if you’re on a monthly plan.
You have to tell us. AttendanceBot is enabled for everyone in the team by default. You can enable or disable it for specific people, including guest users from the settings dashboard. We will only bill you for the people for whom AttendanceBot is enabled

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Slack / Teams native platform

Software built for Slack & Teams; why manage from anywhere else?

Awesome chat & ticket support

Our whole team is here to help

Dedicated CSM

A dedicated specialist, who's priority is you.

Priority support

<48 hour support cycle.

Alerts & Notifications

The right person notified at the right time, every time


Direct messages so you never forget about an upcoming shift, pending approval, or daily punch.


Channel updates with upcoming vacation, daily call-outs, or custom messages.

Real-time reports (CSV/Excel)

All our essential report formats, on demand.

Instant data access

Essential data available on-demand, from leave balance and history to daily timesheets or upcoming shifts.

Advanced reports

Create advanced reports based on your business requirements.

Scheduled reports

Automatically receive reports at your preferred time interval.

Custom reports

Additional non-standard reports.

Basic Permissions

All 18 permutations of role (3) and role permissions (6).

Advanced Permissions

Additional non-standard permission levels.

API Access

Direct API access to build your own workflows.

Employee data & documents

Unlimited employee data & documents, including custom fields.

Custom workweeks

Configure universal, locational, or employee specific workweeks

Holidays, Events, & Blackout Dates

Fully customized holiday calendars for your business, for unlimited geographies

Leave Approvals

Approve, deny, and comment requests right inside your chat messenger.

Multi level approval routing

Multi-level approval and notification flows.

Custom leave types

Unlimited, fully customized leaves & leave rules.

Hourly leaves

Hourly time off for teams that need granular data.

Recurring leaves

Create and assign leaves at fixed intervals.

Custom leave types & approvals

Basic leave settings, without balances or accruals.

Leave accruals & quotas

Robust accrual rules for different employee groups, from accrual period and type to balance caps and rollover.

Employee-specific rules

Accrual rules set at the individual employee level.

Calendar integration

Integrates with Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars.


Automatic TOIL generation based on hours works.


Probationary period for new hires that don't immediately accrue leave.

Subgroup accrual

Differential accrual rules based on tenure, office/department, or a combination.

Basic time tracking

Easy employee clock-in/clock-out

Breaks and lunches

Configurable lunch & breaks time, whether paid or uppaid.

Punch Board

Real-time status board so everyone stays up to date on team activity.

Overtime calculation

Configurable overtime for daily, weekly, and consecutive-hour OT.

Payroll integration

Integrate with Gusto or BambooHR for seamless payroll management.

Timesheet approval

Approve and lock timesheets, review approval logs, and or activate approval alerts

Client billing

Track time to clients, and assign billable rates to automatically calculate billables.

Projects, sub-projects, & tasks

Track time on projects and nested sub-projects for deeper time insights.

Client-project mapping

Map projects to specific clients to better group time spent.

Project dashboard

Beautiful dashboard analytics to understand time use across projects and employees.

Employee scheduling

Full employee rostering software

Calendar integration

Integrates with Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars, and the vacation calendar.

Shift notifications

Myriad options to inform the right person at the right time.

Shift calendar

Color-coded shift calendar with daily/weekly/monthly views and powerful filtering.

Shift comments

Leave a comment when you assign new shifts.

Shift attributes/criteria

Fully customized coverage criteria for more control over shift assignment.

Shift swaps & reassignment

Let employees cancel, swap, or reassign shifts, and capture cancellation reason in reporting.

Shift templates

Rapidly schedule common shifts, across departments or roles.

Shift sign-ups

Let employees view and claim shifts, directly from Slack & Teams.

Hybrid statusing

Unlimited hybrid statuses: wfh, wfo, field, onsite, travel, you name it.

Hybrid notifications

Notifications to the right people, at the right time.

Intelligent reminders

Smart reminders to keep everyone on the same page.

Hybrid calendar

Purpose-built calendar for quickly viewing coworker status.

Capacity calendar

Purpose-built calendar for admins to see and manage capacities.

Seat booking & office capacity

Capacity limitations and seat booking.

Days-in-office policy

Set policy for who should be in the office, how often.

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