How a virtual reality pioneer mastered hybrid work with AttendanceBot

Otherworld’s mission is to make fantastic multisensory virtual reality experiences accessible to millions. They transporting thousands of people every week from their city centre locations to a luxury virtual resort to enjoy shared experiences spanning entertainment, gaming, and the arts.

Discover how AttendanceBot enabled Otherworld to maximize their own in-person and virtual employee experiences.

The Objective

Otherworld wanted to bring the cohesive virtual experience to employees that they offered to customers, by enabling hybrid work without adding software layers or process complexity. They were particularly keen on avoiding big solutions and big onboarding common with major software brands - no use solving one problem and creating another.


We were concerned whether it needed to be a big software with big onboarding, but that was very easily solved for us with low intervention

Jasmin Collier,
Office Manager

The Solution

AttendanceBot empowered employees allowing them to communicate when their ito plans without adding friction, making “who’s in the office” visible to the right people at the right time without adding steps or layers to daily workflow. Employee were able to plan daily or weekly, or just set and forget a regular schedule. And finding out who’s in the office was as easy as looking up slack status or pulling up a calendar.

The Result

Otherworld was able to make ito planning more effective and consistent through habit, without the team ever needing to implement or onboard a new system. This allowed everyone to maximize the value of time in the office, leaving more room for time at home without sacrificing ito benefits like creativity, learning, and cultural persistence.

Created convenient visibility into wfh, wfo, and ooo

By enabling employees to instantly set wfh and wfo on a schedule, in advance, or at the last minute, while simultaneously automating all the busywork around calendar events and deciding how, when, and who to tell, Otherworld found their goldilocks zone for simple but effective.

Avoided “big software, big implementation”

By keeping everything in Slack and avoiding new passwords, logins, or training, Otherworld was able to launch org-wide with just a single announcement email.

Made effective use of time at the office!

By allowing effective and consistent planning,  Otherworld allowed employees to maximize the value of time at the office, leaving more room for time at home without sacrificing ito benefits like creativity and learning.

Features used

Hybrid Schedule

Hybrid schedule - creating
& changing schedule in Slack

Seat capacity

Seat capacity calendar for
offices and locations

WFO Announcement

WFO announcements for
the upcoming week, with
same-day updates

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