How a local escape room uses AttendanceBot to achieve no-effort regulatory compliance

Palace Games is an award winning escape room company based out of San Francisco. With a mission to astonish and delight every customer, they bring joy and play to customers every day.

Discover how AttendanceBot helped Palace Games get a handle on compliance regulation so they could keep their focus on customer delight!

The Objective

Palace Games needed a better way to track time across onsite employees schedules, and especially needed a way to track, manage, and control break times. Since employees were often busy and engaged with customers, they needed the fastest, simplest, and lowest effort tool possible that would avoid interrupting important work or customer interactions.


Staying compliant with ever changing employment laws was almost impossible, and we tried solving meal breaks before but couldn’t find an all-in-one. AttendanceBot break features, timesheets, and reporting fixed everything.

Jill Cybulski,

The Solution

Rising to the top of search results, Palace Games found that AttendanceBot offered a mobile enabled, Slack based option for tracking every piece of data they needed. With everything from automated reminders and alerts for breaks or overtime, to instant reporting and full Gusto integration, AttendanceBot automated payroll while providing the necessary oversight and data trail for Palace Games to remain compliance.

The Result

Palace games knocked a their goals out of the park!

Track time and breaks on the go

With so little to learn or train, employees were able to start using AttendanceBot on their phones from day 1, with reminders to help them build habits into their busy days

Automate payroll in Gusto

Everyone’s hours, breaks, and overtime flowed seamlessly into Gusto, automating payroll for everyone on the team

Keep admins and managers in-the-know

By routing alerts and reminders through Slack, the whole team gained visibility to each other’s availability and schedule, and admin gained a closer understanding of employee flow

Features used

Punch Reminders

Intelligent punch reminders


Punchboard showing
everyone’s real-time in, out, break, and leave status


Alerts for overtime, breaks,
and late starts

Loved by 1000+ customers in 100+ countries

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