How an EdTech giant used AttendanceBot to invest in employee NPS

VitalSource Technologies is a global provider of learning technology, specializing in creating, delivering, and distributing digital course materials to its thousands of institutional and publishing partners.

Discover how AttendanceBot helped VitalSource shed their prehistoric HRM and invest in an empowered workforce.

The Objective

Despite using cutting edge content analytics, VitalSource found itself bogged down by legacy HRM which had been slowing down processes for years. The problem eventually came to a head after employee dissatisfaction rose to the notice of the CEO.

We’d been using an antediluvian version of [HRM] for years and everyone in our organization hated it - it wasn’t user friendly and looked like it was built in the 1990s.

Douglas Latham,
VP of Ops

The Solution

Since their IT infrastructure was stuck on [HRM] as the central source of truth, VitalSource decided to find their own attendance solution which they would port data over into their [HRM]. Knowing that employee appraisal was a main metric, VitalSource sought out the simplest workflow it could find, and in 2018 landed on AttendanceBot’s Slack implementation.

The Result

VitalSource’s only goal was to turn the tides on employee satisfaction

to show their commitment, they wanted a process that exceeded an eNPS score of 80 from their current HRM score of -50. In the end, employees gave AttendanceBot

an eNPS of 86!

Three years later, after almost doubling their workforce, AttendanceBot has still maintained an eNPS above 60 across the large, vibrant organization.

Features used

Instant report exports
directly in Slack, along with automatic Slack statusing

Apply + approve menus in
Slack, showing balances and conflicts

Timesheet approvals to flag
concerns, sign-off on overtime, and lock timesheets

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