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Time tracking for the conversational world

Time Tracking for today's conversational world!

Time Tracking that your employees will want to use.

Time Tracking

Clock in and out with context

Just type ‘in' or ‘out' to clock your time. Track time on specific projects or tasks. Working remotely or from home? Want to take a quick break? Just type simple messages and let us take care of the rest.

Never forget to punch in/out

Get reminded to punch in and out as your day begins or ends. You can even set up automatic punch outs after you have worked your day's hours.

Simple, accurate time tracking for smart HRs

Advanced reporting. Hassle-free monitoring.

Get timesheets and reports

Derive powerful insights using timesheets inside Slack or MS Teams. Download detailed Excel reports or set up periodic reports delivered straight to your inbox.

Accurate timesheet reports
Track billable hours for clients

Track billable hours for clients

Are you a freelancer or agency? Create clients and set hourly rates for them. Keep a tab on where your employees spend time and how much money you make.

Powerful shift and schedule management

Does your teamwork on different shifts? Customize the shifts for every member and define custom weekly offs for every employee. We will automatically remind people to clock in/out based on their shifts.

Customize shifts for every team member
Check who is working on what in realtime


Keep everybody informed about who's working and notify your team's attendance on a channel.

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